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Terchová - A Culture Joined With A Nature

Published: 1.11.2010
The community of Terchova (Slovakia) is ensnared with various legends, joined especially with George (Juraj) Janošík, local native. Nevertheless, hardly anybody of Slovakia or Czech Republic does not know "Brigand Captain" and his suite. At present, his existence is reminded with International Folklore Festival - "Janošík Days", the greatest one of such type in Slovakia.

And, moreover, wonderful nature of Small Fatra Mountains National Park, adds its splendid scenery. This locality is situated in Žilina Region, between Kriváň Fatra and Kysuca Highlands, in north part of Žilina Basin. Terchova is typical hilly village, containing 68 communities. The town of Žilina is 25 kms distant. Small Varinka brook flows through the village, springing below Chleb, the third highest peak of Small Fatra. Except, picturesque nature, the community is offering to their visitors also rich culture activities as well as historical sightseeings.

HistoryJuraj Janosik

The first message about the community comes of 1580. Kralowa was its original name. Originally Walachian community was changed into shepherd-agricultural village. However, very hard time period came at the end of 19th century, when the locality suffered from long dry season, accompanied with plague epidemy. The population was forced to leave the locality into south regions. Nevertheless, the other shock came shortly afterthat: a half of all wooden houses in a village was totally destroyed by big fire. Apart of this, better time came when the 2nd World war was over, and the village was newly constructed again. Except Juraj Janošík, mentioned above, also Adam František Kollár (he worked as a councillor at Mary Therese Court), and many musicians and culture representatives became natives of this resort…

Sutovsky waterfallNature beauties

The community is situated in Small Fatra Mountains National Park. It is an ideal place for all lovers of nature, walks or mountain tours. Vrátna Valley belongs to most beautiful ones. The valley is a centre of winter as well as summer sporting activities, local and foreign tourist movement. To places of interest, which are worth to be mentioned, belong Moses Springs, sourcing from rock wall on Hromový Hill, Šutov Brook and Šutov Waterfall. More than 20 waterfalls are to be found in also in Janošík Gaps, accessible by means of tourist paths with foot-bridges, ladders and chains.

Culture activities in the community

Musical presentation (in a form of so called „Sky Music“) belongs to most expressive elements of local culture. This traditional string instruments are formed with violin and contrabass. Since The days of Juraj Janosik1960, a Folklore Festival „Janošík Days“ is organized there, being changed also to event of international importance. Nevertheless, even the fans of modern execution can find their popular topics. It is Těrchovský Budzogan (Cudgel). This event was participated by famous musical groups, such as: Elan, Horkýže Slíže, Kabát, Alkehol, The Offspring or Sunrise Avenue. Anyway, further, it is worth to be mentioned another Music Festival, such as: Rozmarin (Rosemary), Races of Farmers´ Horses, Slovak Championship in scythe mowing or Cyril-Method Days. Těrchová-village is also famous with its wooden houses, St. Cyril and Method Church, and also with wooden local Christmas Crib.

Terchovsky BudzoganSt. Cyril and Method Churchlocal Christmas Crib


All lovers of skiing and all winter sports haveavailable Vratna Free Time Zone, full of various possibilities for spending of your leisure time. Within summer time period, the environs are ideal for tourist walkings as well as for cycling activities. Just mentioned Vrátná Valley or Small and Great Rozsutec Peaks belong to most popular targets. Except nature beauties, you can find a lot of mushrooms in surrounding forests.

While walking the nature, you cannot miss Juraj Janošík Statue, placed on a hill above the village or another monument, such as Milenium Column, including Calvary on Oravcová Hill. Moreover, during summer saison, you have available rope park, consisting from many rope barriers and rope railway system.

Juraj Janosik statueCalvaryrope park

Pension IvetaA deserved relax, after fully active day, could be enjoyed in Iveta Boarding House, with grill possibilities. You find there a pleasant accommodation (20 beds capacity), kitchen and spacious dining room with fireplace. A comfort of such family boarding house and calm atmosphere of Těrchová can leave in all visitors unforgettable memories.

Text: Kristína Csongárová

Source and photo: Terchová-info.sk, Vrátna Free Time Zone, Penzión Iveta

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

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