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The Countryside Seen From Bird´s View

Published: 3.3.2011
Similarly, as it would not be compared the experience of car - or motocycle drive, any other sightseeing flight does bring you so powerful event and adventure as balloon flights.

Balloons over the countrysideAnyway, a man decided to become acquainted with the countryside from sky view just at the end of 18th century, but, irrespective of quick aviation progress, the balloon flights, filled with the air, are always very popular even in 21st century.

The balloon flights are organized in international organization, forming a part of World Aviation Organization (FAI), associating 10 thousands of pilots from 40 countries of the world . The best persons from this rank rival on occasion of World Championships. The balloons compete in 20 different disciplines under fixed rules, assorted into distant flights and target flights. In such case, the balloon sporting flights are mentioned. Nearly anybody desires , at least once in his life, to sit into cockpit of race formula or to try other adrenalin experience, so, balloon flights serve for public as well.


History seen from bird's view

Sightseeing balloon flight takes mostly one hour approx. So, the contents of two or three gas bottles would be sufficient for air warming , including a reserve to looking for suitable place for safe landing. Anyway, such flight must take into consideration time period of four or five hours, including approx. 30 minutes´ of balloon preparation before the flight, and its transfer back to starting place. Tatras seen from sky viewApart of this, the weather decides, if the balloon flight will be effected or not. ( the flight is impossible, in case of rain, snow, strong wind, fog or very low clouds´ level). Balloon pilot is always fully responsible for safety of passengers. The balloon flights are operated always in direction of the wind at a height of 300-500 metres approx. above the earth, where the best outlook of countryside could be enjoyed. Nevertheless, the balloon can go up even higher – up to 1000-2450 metres - , according to passengers´ wish, or the flight in lower position would be also possible, supposed all aviation regulations would be kept. Distant, more hours´ lasting flights, the flights during sunrise or flights in the environs of some mountain ranges, such as High Tatra and Low Tatra Mountains., belong to non-standard excursions.Castle of Bratislava


The pilot looks for landing place during final flight stage. The attendant car follows balloon flight from the earth, securing the return of passengers to starting point. After landing, the traditional christening by the earth, fire and wind as well as with glass toast of Champagne will be effecetd, as thanks-giving for safety arrival. In memory of this flight, each participant of such sightseeing flight ,obtains so called Balloonist´s Certificate of Baptism.Castle of Devin on the junction of river Morava and Danube

The question of security is very important for each participant of the flight. First of all, you are recommended to join in such company, which obtains valid certificate for operation of such activities, issued by Civil Aviation Office (UCL), having enough experience regarding flying and , last but not least, using modern and authorized balloon types.Bratislava

The company BALONY.EU Ltd. and BALONY.SK Ltd., one of biggest operators of balloon sightseeing flights, effetcts the flights all year round – even in winter – above the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia or neighbouring countries ( obtaining a licence for flights in all countries of European Union). whereas the passengers are secured for their lives and health (up to the limit of EUR 325000,-).

Main saison of sightseeing flights is passing since March till October, where you can apply for advanced planned flights or to order your individual flight. Start of balloons is effected always in the morning or in the afternoon.Over the Alpin forest

The advantage of all big operators specializing for balloon flights is a fact that the client can choose from several types of balloons, according to group members, up to 16 persons. Air-ticket price is depending on this number, too. Parallel flight of two and more balloons can be ordered for bigger group of persons. The offer contains also First Class Balloon Flight , including steward´s service, presenting you drinks during flight, being able to reply your questions or to make the photos, if required.

„The balloon does not need any ways, airports, bridges, it is able to fly at any time. Within motor-car drive, you are able to perceive two dimensions of the space around – the length and the width, whereas during balloon flight, you can perceive even the third dimension – the height. So, do not hesitate to miss such special experience!“

Over the winter mountains

Text: PR/Jiří Výborný

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Source and photo: BALONY.EU, BALONY.SK

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