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The Town Of Sokolov

Published: 12.11.2010
District town of Sokolov is situated in the centre of Karlovy Vary Region, in an altitude of 401 metres above sea level. The town has rich hops-cultivation as well mining past, presence of rare ores, where even now the brown coal is excavating in quarries (in Sokolov Basin).

At present, the town is taking its „respiration“ again, drawing its „oxygen“ from newly created parks, on place of former mines.

The Monuments, not only Mines or Quarries

The Sokolov Castle was founded in a place of former stronghold, established in 13th century with a town at the same time. The building is situated nearly in city centre. The castle was constructed in late Renaissance style after 1663. Water ditch, park with statues and deer-park with fallow-bucks and deers were surrounded there. Now, castle garden is fullfilling its function as public park. A fountain, presenting falconer, was installed on Old Square in 1717. And just this falconer, with a dog at his feet and a falcon on his hand, became, according to a legend, a founder of the town. The fountain reminds also hops-cultivation tradition in Sokolov Zone - you can recognize hops´sprouts around column shaft.

Not far from a fountain, it is dominating Virgin Mary Column (1701), on square base of corners with statues of saints. The socle is decorated with reliefs of winged angels and twigs of pome-granats.

Historical Town Hall forms also a part of Old Square. It is one-storey building of Renaissance style, constructed in 1540. Today´s face was obtained after big fire in the first half of 17th century. Over the entrance, wrong town escutcheon is preserved (the falcon is sitting on stump branch, instead of triplet). In past, a small tower was placed on its roof ridge. However, this tower was destroyed by lightning in 1794. But thanks to the fact that this subject was removed, the fire was not spreaded to another town quarters.

Leasure Time and Sporting Activities

First of all, it is winter stadium and sporting hall, suitable for international matches, football play-ground, lawn tennis courts, covered swimming pool, town´s bathing place or health and sports´area - all this could be offered in Sokolov.

During summer months, Michael nature bathing place, with sandy beach is a big temptation. This locality was constructed on place of former mines.

At present, the next mine - Medard - is inundated. The area is being changed to a lake, at the extent exceeding 450 ha and this surface would become a part, in accordance with suggested study, of immense relax area, including accommodation complex, motocross area, cycling routes and botanical garden.

In 2005, 18-hole golf play-ground was established in the environs, and ZOO-garden and forest park are planned to be made there.

Within scope programme – „Return to Nature“ new tourist as well as cycling routes were established, leading along Ohře-river, taking you to marvellous nature of Iron Ore Mountains as well as Slavkov Forest.

Text: Monika Babická/Tereza Flašková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: www.sokinfo.cz 


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