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THE WORLD: It Is the Highest Time to Choose a Vacation!

Published: 3.2.2019
The journey by plane does not concernsonly businessmen and those who are moving somewhere. It does not take long ago. Aircraft is an increasingly common means of transporting us to rest. And no matter if our destination is quite close to Croatia or Singapore. And what about kangaroos?

Now it's cold, it's dusty and the weather is great for the skiers, but it's also time to think about vacation in the hot regions. A view of the pictures sun-lit beaches, the waves swirling, the sailboat keep us warm and tempts us to rest. Enjoy the view and plan your next vacation.

dovolenka - ilustračné foto

You Don't Feel Like Travelling Far?

Have your vacation in Croatia, Hungary or Bulgaria. The journey does not last long, and bones are soon warming up on the beach. Even though it may seem like a plane is unnecessary luxury, it is not. Flight takes only a short time, saving your time and nerves, which you will miss the car at least once.

It's not long ago that the road car is the only possible solution. Especially at the beginning of the holidays the roads are clogged and the nerves easily flow through the driver. Not to mention that if the car accidentally fails, you will not be able to help.

dovolenka (Budapešť) - ilustračné foto

Travelling to the Classics


The fourth largestisland in Greece. Island of long golden beaches, but also green hills and valleys. Take a cruise on the surrounding islands, visit Palma Velmajstra and Faliraki. Do not forget even the valley of Butterflies. You have not seen that look yet.


It is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. You will find two international airports, as well as two ports connecting the island with the surrounding world.
Enjoy sandy beaches with volcanic black sand, smiling natives and pleasant climatic conditions.

A popular destination, where the tourists return to their sunbathing and fulfill the experiences of their stay, trips and shops. Egypt is clearly the negotiation. It is always, everywhere and everything.

dovolenka (Egypt) - ilustračné foto

Egypt - the land of the pharaos, pyramids, history, snorkeling, surfing and entertainment. It boasts modern hotel resorts to meet every wish. Dolphin, local culture and beautiful coral reefs will help with the organization.

Searching for Exotics

Dream vacation, crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, lush vegetation. Bahamas, Cuba, Martinique, Jamaica, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, Grand Cayman. A long sandy belt, hundreds of tourists, beach resorts, a bay where water is phosphorescent. This is just a small calculation of what you can see and experience here.dovolenka - ilustračné foto

Paradise on Earth. The most popular island of Indonesia. Island of gods, hills, volcanoes, rocky stretches, sandy beaches, sacred temples and traditions. At Bali you can go anytime, the weather is pleasant in January as well as in August.

East African coastal state at the Indian Ocean coastline. The cradle of life. A landscape of endless possibilities and unexpected contrasts. Stay in a tent or a luxury hotel! Want to see safaris and wild animals, or choose to cruise around a Portuguese fortress or discover the lifestyle of the local people who will not even change the wheel of time...

Source: PR, superletuska.sk

Photos: pixabay.com

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