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Ukraine: Kyiv-petcher's Lavrae - Impressive Link Kievan Rus II.

Published: 19.10.2011
Today we look at the temples, which you can find in Kyiv- petcher Lavrae so many.

Temples of Kyiv-petcher Lavrae

Original development of Kyiv-petcher Lavrae is survived to the present. The monastery is situated on high hills between them lies a deep ditch, dividing the building on the Upper and Lower Lavrae. Each of the units consists of several temples, administrative, residential and farm buildings.

In the upper area next Uspensky Temple (the main temple) are dispersed monastic cell, outbuildings, a printer, monastic hospitals and workshops. There is also a large bell tower and monastic refectory (dining room) with the church. Further south at the foot of the hill is located the entrance to the Closer caves and at the very top of the south is the entrance to the Remote caves. All components of Lavrae are divided by high stone walls, but connected by gates and gallerie.

To the area of the Upper Monastery leads four gates: Western (Holy Gate of the Church above the Holy Trinity Gate), North (economic gateway to the Church of All Saints), East and South (or cave gate). The main entrance to the Lavrae is a Holy Gate. Above the gate is located the Holy Trinity Church, which is from all of preserved the oldest one and was built in the 12th century by Nicholas Svatos, great-grandson of Yaroslav the Wise.

The main temple of Kyiv-petcher Lavrae is the Great petcher Church - also known as the Uspensky Cathedral, which lies opposite the gate of the Holy in the middle of central square of Upper Lavrae. According to chronicler Nestor the stone church was founded in the 1072.  All the holy relics of Lavrae were kept in this temple always. The interior of the temple was decorated with frescoes and mosaics and a large carved wooden iconostasis (22 m). In the temple were buried more than 300 prominent people from various areas of public life.

Very important temples of Lavrae are also Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (Preobraženija Gospodňa) and the Salvation in Berestov, which is very valuable architectural and historical monument.

Near the Uspensky temple is located temple calls “In honour of Antonio and Feodosija Petcher” the refectory (also used the name Trapezni church). The building was built between years 1893-1895 and it is joined with the monastery dining room. On the eastern borders with the Church of the Annunciation Church of the West House and presented Lavry or Kyiv metropolitans. At present in these areas you can find the Ukrainian Museum of Applied Arts.

Nearby is the highest building and the most deluxe Lavrae - Great Bell Tower. It was built between years 1731- 1745, to measure the height of 96.5 meters and the thickness of the walls in the ground floor has an incredible 8 meters. On the third floor of the building were placed bells, whose total weight was around 82 tons.

To the East of the Upsenky temple is located the printer of Kyiv-petcher larvae. A printer was established by well-known scientist and Enlightenment Jelisej Pletenecky in 1615. The first printed work was Časoslov (1616-1617), serving as a textbook for the study of reading and writing. In total, there were issued 100 thousand copies of various publications, for which art was characterized by intensive treatment, beautiful printed fonts and original engravings.

From the main courtyard between the buildings of the former printer and school of icon writes leads descending path that ends near the Cave gate.

Text/Photo: Maxim Kucer

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