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Restaurant TVRZ: Bandit's Lamb Roulade With Sour Beans - VIDEO
Published: 17.12.2011
This time we leave the centre of Prague, and we go into the recipe for a magical environment Průhonice Castle, the fortress restaurant. Chef and owner John Pride also takes us to the good old days when between Moravia and Slovakia were playing bandits, who after the battles often used to come home exhausted and hungry.

Do You Know That? Argentia - Iguazu Falls
Published: 11.12.2011
Iguaçu waterfalls are our next stop on our journey cross 7 natural wonders of the world. Absolutely stunning spectacle of the largest waterfalls in general could not ignore and therefore was correctly included in the list of the BEST of, what nature created.

Recipes Of Famous Pubs - Kolkovna OLYMPIA: Salmon With Herb Crust
Published: 10.12.2011
This time we will take you under the Prague's Petřín, to the restaurant Kolkovna Olympia, where manages the kitchen, unconventional woman - Jarmila Zámečníková. Through her recipe actually introduce you to wherever rushing sea. Easy and quick meal, based on a salmon, in the period around Christmas hopefully inspire everyone.

Do You Know That? Philippines: Follow The Seven Wonders Of The World I.
Published: 4.12.2011
As the second of the natural wonders of the world visit Filipino national park in Puerto Princesa, its main attraction is an underground river whose labyrinths enchanted countless visitors.

Recipes Of Famous Pubs - BRESTO: Taste Of Italy - Lamb La Tagliatta - VIDEO
Published: 3.12.2011
We went to the Bresto restaurant to give you instructions on how to easily adjust but very tasty lamb. From the kitchen to taste, accompanied by chef Richard Prince Brest we will move to the distant Italy, where traditional lamb dish.

Do You Know That? Vietnam: Follow The Seven Wonders Of The World I.
Published: 27.11.2011
Recently was thru internet voting selected the new seven natural wonders of the world. Most information on these remarkable localities in the Czech Internet dismissed several photographs, but we will in our “Do you know that” – serial will try to say something more about the places that you did not receive his reputation by accident.

Do You Know That? Secret Military Object In Prague
Published: 20.11.2011
Probably few people think that during a Sunday walk in one of Prague's picturesque valleys you can found in the vicinity of one of the most secret military space ČR.

Do You Know That? Higher, Farther, Faster II.
Published: 13.11.2011
In the second part of the miniseries about above average aircrafts we imagine those whose brief history we have introduced. Anglo - French Concorde.

Do You Know That? Higher, Farther, Faster
Published: 6.11.2011
Overcoming the limits in the transport of persons is not only a matter of the past few decades, but rather over a century, which clearly dominated the air transport industry. And who was the fastest ever?

Do You Know That? The Highest Statue Of The World II.
Published: 30.10.2011
Is Chinese giant Buddha really the biggest? And which of the female statues is the biggest? This and much more can be found in the second part of our journey through the world's BEST statues.

Do You Know That? The Highest Statue Of The World I.
Published: 23.10.2011
Monumental memorials of commanders, national revivalists and saints we have practically in every Czech town. Most of them are rarely higher than their life pattern. What are the highest statues of the world?

Do You Know That? The Moravian Best II.
Published: 16.10.2011
In the second part cross the Moravian best, we will visit the largest water surface, the lowest point and the deepest abyss.

Do You Know That? The Moravian Best I.
Published: 9.10.2011
In the next sequel we will explore some of Moravian the BEST. Do you know which is the oldest Moravian town? Where is the oldest bridge, or the tallest building?

Do You Know That? The Biggest Prague's Temple
Published: 2.10.2011
Prague the city of hundred towers can be proud of many sacred buildings, but which one is really the highest? And about this one will be today wandering.

Do you know, that…? The Volcano II.
Published: 25.9.2011
The second most powerful volcano in Europe, and the highest active volcano, it is the beauty of Sicily Aena. Really, the local peoples call it Muncibeddu, which means "beautiful mountain".

Do You Know That? European Volcanoes I.
Published: 18.9.2011
Volcanoes - unpredictable threat and also natural work of art. A fascinating spectacle and fear-inspiring mountain, which can ever sweep virtually the entire population in the whole region, as it already happened many times in history.

Do You Know That? The Biggest Glacier Of The World
Published: 11.9.2011
Our wandering to the greatest glaciers of the world will lead us this time, to Patagonia, where really imposant nature formations are to be found.

Do You Know That? The Smallest Exotic Statest Of The World III.
Published: 4.9.2011
Bermuda Island - this is a target of our today's journey, visiting the smallest exotic states of the world. What about are offering these small islands, and how is standard of living there? And what about famous mystery of so called "Bermuda Triangle"?

France: Claude Monet House And Garden - Impessionism In All Its Beauty
Published: 8.8.2011
Let's have a look at countryside motifs, from where this world known impressionist painter got his inspiration!

Do You Know That? The Smallest State Of The World
Published: 31.7.2011
Vatican, Monaco, or Nairo? To tell the truth, the smallest state and nation is really the Sea Mini-Principality not far from Great Britain!

Do You Know That? A Town Placed On The Roof Of The World
Published: 10.7.2011
This time, we visit a city, situated at the highest place of the world, and present some information regarding such rough way of life and traditions of inhabitants from Bolivian mountains.

Do You Know That? The Biggest Airliner Of The World
Published: 3.7.2011
The pretensions for modern plain transport are more and more stronger. The speed, preferred in past, was substituted by transfer capacity and better comfort. So, today, we have a look which types of present aircrafts are able to fullfill all required parametres, without any stipulation.

Do You Know That? Most Polluted Towns Of The World
Published: 8.5.2011
The survey od most polluted towns of the Earth, where the life of hundred of thousands or, better to say, millions of inhabitants, could be threatened with critical levels of harmful matters of poisonous smog, undrinkable water or total pollution of life environment, which could not be imagined at all in our country.

Do You Know, That? The Highest Waterfall In The World
Published: 1.5.2011
The waterfalls are often fascinating wonders of nature, despite of the fact that it is rather natural appearance of falling streams of water. Anyway, it must be something exciting, when water masses are transferred each second, at malevolent roaring, hundreds of metres downstairs, into canyons, clefts and abysses. So, this time we make acquintance with those most highest:

Do you know that? The Greatest Soccer Stadiums of The World
Published: 10.4.2011
When you say football, most of men population will be dreamed, imagining such nice feeling when two teams are struggling, trying to shoot in a goal. The crowds are becoming mad, the beer is flowing and sausages are grilling. As far as women are concerned, a look at elaborated bodies in close dresses is preferred in front of tactics, combination or actual form of football players.

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