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Do you know that? The Biggest Steam Locomotive Of The World
Published: 3.4.2011
In our past articles, we dedicated our attention, first of all, to various places of interest or style of life. Now, it is a time to specialize more for the area of technics and means of transport. As far as today´s theme is concerned, it will be the biggest and longest steam locomotives which were in operation.

Do you know that? The Most Ghostly Castle Of The World
Published: 27.3.2011
The places bringing horror, mystery, ghosts or erring stones are, from times immemorial, form an inseparable part of humans' phantasy.The romantic spirit of old castles always fascinated many artists. Such monuments of past are not needlessly, ensnared with merry, but, first of all, with dreadful legends about miraculous appearances.

Do you know that? The Biggest Circus Of The World
Published: 20.3.2011
The circus, a world of artists, these animated persons, thousands of transferred kilometres as well as performances which could not be kept in mind at all. The circus - it is a place of astonishment, enthusiasm, fascination and a fear. So, this wandering art, gold-foil charade or the art of profane nomads all this could be described briefly.

Do you know that? Most Expensive Everyday Enjoyments
Published: 13.3.2011
The crisis which undergone the world within past couple of years had its negative influenece for many households, as well as for the economics of states or great powers. It is a fact that the money was, is and will be, for modern human mankind, always some magic matter. We cannot imagine our lives without money. It is true that the function of market would influence the satisfaction of our lives.

Do you know that? The Oldest State And Oldest Town Of The World
Published: 6.3.2011
When you mention the oldest civilization, even non-expert would know an approximate reply, but when somebody would ask you, which would be the most ancient state from contemporaneous ones? Which territory or town was colonized in history as the first one? So, let´s try to give an answer for such questions in the following article.

Do you know that? The Biggest Vessel Of The World
Published: 27.2.2011
The Queen of all seas, swimming resort or imposant machine. So, today's article of our "Best-serie" could be named like this, and we do mention the greatest vessel of the world this time, and it is not "relax ship" nickname at all. So, this day will be spent on board of Oasis of the Seas - imposant vessel, which essential part was constructed in the Czech Republic.

A Journey To Siberia - Ekaterinbourg
Published: 21.2.2011
If you have the feelings that a winter prevails in our country, you are mistaken. Maybe, everybody from us made a notice about real Russian winter but hardly anybody could imagine the temperatures which drop to thirty degress below zero. And imagine that you are not living in cosy Central Europe but in Far East or in Siberia, in some from great towns of Russia.

Do you know that? The ugliest buildings of the world
Published: 20.2.2011
Till now, we mentioned in our articles unique places of the world which were, first of all, enraptured or fascinating localities, buildings or constructions, interesting from technical point of view.

Do You Know, That? The Smallest Town Of The World
Published: 13.2.2011
Even travelling "illiterate person" could be able to enumerate you some of biggest world metropolis. You can get the names, such as: Paris, London, New York, Moscow, etc. To tell the truth, it could not be fully O.K. because all real "giants" present a privilege of over-peopled Asia and some parts of South America.

Do You Know, That? The Biggest Gothic Construction Of The World
Published: 6.2.2011
When I invented next theme for the trip around places of interest of the world, I said that (after our last excursion at antipodes' territory ) this time our excursionn could be less difficult, so, that we could move in the neighbouring states.

Do You Know, That? - The Greatest Golden Mines Of The World
Published: 30.1.2011
The gold, a phenomenon, calling unmatched desire of his ownership, excavation or business with it even now. Each of us could have some matter made from gold, a ring, as a heritage after grandmother, tooth-bridge or some part of extra conductive connection among microprocessors in our computer.

Do You Know, That? Fastest Trains Of The World
Published: 23.1.2011
Our regular article-serial about interesting matters, curiosities and remarkable places of Czech Republic and Slovakia will accompany you also in 2011. Nevertheless, our interest will be, starting from today, surpass the borders of our Republic, trying to present you interesting information about places which could be, with its exceptionality, worth to be mentioned in the articles.

Do You Know, That? The Greatest Veteran-Car Museum
Published: 12.12.2010
We shall have a look, after visiting heavy technics and rude countryside, sightseeings and unique museums of the Czech Republic, again at technical places of interest. Maybe, the women could protest against such specification. However, our original plan, to describe something about Toys' Museum, fell through on opening time period, as this institution is open for public during summer months only.

Do You Know, That? The Biggest Machine Of Czech R.
Published: 5.12.2010
After visits of technical museums, we shall continue in our technical spirit. Although Czech Republic has many nature beauties, some unique things could be found which could not bring a beauty to such picturesque countryside. But, on the other hand, a heart of lovers of heavy machines would be pleased, indeed.

Do You Know, That? The Oldest Bohemian Brewery
Published: 21.11.2010
Well-known proverb that each Czech is a musician, could be transformed into another proverb: Each Czech must be beer-lover! This unflottered primacy of Czech nation was accustomed, and really hardly anybody could imagine a way of life, where a glass of this foamy liquid is missing.

Do You Know, That? - The Greatest Mining Museum
Published: 14.11.2010
Today's wandering, following places of interest in Czech Republic, will be dedicated to museums and skansens, where the attractions are ready especially for boys and their fathers. These are mining industry, mining technics and its history. So, our first stop will be Mining Museum in Příbram.

Do You Know, That? - The Caves
Published: 7.11.2010
From mountains and lakes, we transfer in our next chapter of endless wandering, towards underground. But, we shall not be interested in holllows, excavated by people, galleries or Prague tube. So, our steps will be let this time to the caves.

Do You Know, That? The Ponds Of Bohemia
Published: 31.10.2010
The ponds belong to indivisible part of Bohemian countryside. These artificially created water areas were founded there since ancient time periods, concretely since 12th century. South Bohemia Region became always a centre of such activities. It is a countryside of Jakub Krčín and Štěpán Netolický.

Do You Know, That? - The Oldest Look Out Tower
Published: 24.10.2010
The most beautiful round view is said to be from horse saddle. However, such difficult and frequently tidy activity could be employed with a couple of intended and especially resistant persons. On the other hand, you would like to be satisfied with such views, where you reach, mounting up to the top. So, today´s chapter of specialities will be dedicated to Bohemian look out towers.

Do You Know, That? Slovak Extrems I.
Published: 17.10.2010
During today's walk, following the extrems and uniques, we visit Slovakia. This country is very rich in several world's specialities, such as of nature, geographical, historical or cultural character. Is Prague really a centre of Europe? And what about Spiš Castle, the greatest one in Slovakia?

Do You Know, That? - Weather Extremities
Published: 10.10.2010
The weather belongs, no doubt, to some factors, influencing our excursions and travelling in general. It is often inscrutable phenomenon which could change, even small excursion, into a drive full of adrenalin. On the other hand, even the weather has its extreme positions, and we can be caught, how we grumble against various freak of nature, such as: warm, cold, rain, pressure, etc.

Do You Know, That? - Railway Tunnels
Published: 3.10.2010
The Czech Republic has many special routes and localities, and railway nest belong to them, for sure. Its density is ranged to most advanced of the world. So, the railway station buildings or stops are to be found nearly in each village, and if you can see motor railway carriage, passing through countryside, all this belongs to very nice moments of every excursion.

St. Wenceslas - Don't Lose Our Lives Now...
Published: 28.9.2010
Let´s say something about this Bohemian Saint and a Patron of Bohemia at the same time.

Do You Know, That? - The Longest Bridges In CR
Published: 26.9.2010
In our next chapter, regarding specialities of Czech Republic, we shall pay our attention to bridges, which present indivisible part of transfers of all kinds, so this fact could not be omitted in our serial.

Puerto Rico: Green Island Is More Green At Present
Published: 13.9.2010
Eco - as well as agro-tourist activities become new global trends in relax or advanturous travelling, and many countries, including Puerto-Rico, reply to this direction in positive way.

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