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Do You Know? Prague Topics
Published: 12.9.2010
The first chapter of article series: "Do you know, that…" describes the topics of our capital, in order to know, which buildings in Prague could be proud on such valuation.

Chichen Itzá
Published: 18.7.2010
Chichen Itza is a ruin of Mayo town, situated in north part of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, established probably by Mayo tribes in 6th centuty A.D.

Petrol In Mexico Bay
Published: 15.7.2010
The BP (British Petrol) experts are testing a bell of seven tonns weight. This bell would absorb the petrol, which is getting off, as a consequence of a crash of one boring, is escaping into waters if Mexico Bay. If this mission proves to be successfull, BP and all America would be highly satisfied.

Plitvice Lakes
Published: 2.5.2010
Plitvice Lakes belong to most popular Croatian national parks. Except of this, the locality is registered in UNESCO World Heritage Survey. Karst lakes are displayed in terraces, connected with passages. You can find there at least 140 waterfalls, twenty caves and mineral springs.

Charles Bridge In Prague
Published: 1.5.2010
Charles Bridge is the oldest existing bridge over Vltava (Moldau) river and the second oldest preserved bridge of Czech Republic.

Galcier Express - Switzerland
Published: 18.4.2010
Glacier Railway Line is legendary railway in Switzerland. From tourist point of view, it is very attractive railway connection, from the town of St. Moritz, placed in an altitude of 1775 metres above sea level, across mountains and valleys of Swiss Alps up to 291 kms distant town of Zermatt, placed in an altitude of 10635 metres above sea level.

Published: 2.4.2010
As each year, the time period of coloured eggs, Easter osier twigs, Paschal lambs, and other Easter refreshments is coming. By the way, which origin has, for us, this unthinkable holiday now?

Danube Delta
Published: 14.3.2010
Delta of Danube is the greatest and most preserved river-delta of the Europe. It is placed on 3446 square kilometres of the territory, where Danube-river flows into Black Sea.

Hagia Sofia In Istanbul
Published: 26.10.2009
Hagia Sophia, the Church of Holy Wisdom, in past the holiest building in Constantinople, capital of Byzantion Empire, is shocking, first of all, with its high and wide inside spaceas well as illumination effects, making an impression that the cupola is rising in an air.

Ganga River
Published: 24.10.2009
Each day gave Ganga-river, holy river, the light to the sky, whereas the Earth became dry. Finally, Brahma overcome a sympathy. He promised to pious King Bhagirat that he would transfer the river to the Earth, in order to be watered. The King asked God Shiva to help him to stop the floodings, as he was afraid that falling water mass could destroy the Earth.

Serengeti National Park
Published: 5.9.2009
"Serengeti must not die!" Zoologist Bernhard Grzimek addressed world public in such way in 1959. This was a challenge for rescue of Serengeti Nature Preserved National Park.

Liberty Statue In New York
Published: 26.8.2009
Liberty Statue is a symbol of freedom, representing the development and democracy of United States at the same time. It incarnates the knowledge of Americans that they are guards of human rights of all over the world, being the characteristic monument of New York at the same time.

St. Gotthard tunnel
Published: 12.7.2009
Immediately, when the clouds of dust put down after last detonation of safe gallery of St. Gotthard's Tunnel, groups of workers from both parts of rocky clefts begun to cry with enthusiasm: on 26th March 1976, there was successfully terminated, after many years of difficult works, last section of longest road tunnel of the world, at that time.

Published: 23.6.2009
Everlasting snow on equator - this was shocking news for inhabitants of Europe, which brought Johannes Rebmann, German missionary, who saw in 1848, as the first white man Kilimanjaro Mountain. Nevertheless, the aborigines are afraid of this giant, covered with ice, as a mountain of bad demons, even at present, as nobody of them had the courage to mount up to the top.

River Blade canyon
Published: 13.5.2009
Today´s wandering through less known beauties of the world, leads us to river- canyon in Mpumalanga, province in South Africa. Calm stream of Blyde-river dredges its way throughout table-land, not far from the border with Mosambique.

Eiffel tower in Paris
Published: 28.4.2009
This monument is typical for Paris, capital of France. It is a construction of modern age, symbol, which became popular motive of Hollywood films and grateful target of millions of tourists.

Published: 9.4.2009
Easter is Christian holiday period. It was a time when crucifixion of Jesus Christ was executed, and his Resurrection and Ascension was effected. Christian worshipment of this Bible story is symbolically composed into several days, known as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Argentina - Unesco monuments I.
Published: 17.3.2009
Let´s get acquainted with UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in Argentina. You find here eight various localities where pilgrim's spirit will be filled in (by view from eye to eye) amazement and meditation. It is true that these places have the power to address a man who would like to be got acquainted with in room-dusk.

Pompei excavations
Published: 4.2.2009
Volcanic tragedy which met Italian town of Pompei, situated on slope of Vesuvius Mountain in 79 A.D., preserved valuable information about life conditions of people at that time.

Europoort (European Port)
Published: 8.1.2009
This greatest port of the world, centre of international trade, was within 1962-2004 the busiest port, nevertheless, the Chinese port of Shanghai is on the first place in just passed years now.

Guggenheim Museum
Published: 6.1.2009
Guggenheim Museum belongs to most unusual and most fascinating architecture works of New York. Its rich collection of modern art is visited with more than 60000 visitors each year. There are exhibited works of such artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Roy Liechtenstein and others.

Argentina: Iguacu waterfalls
Published: 13.11.2008
Magnificent Iguacu Waterfalls are located on border of Brasil and Argentina. These waterfalls exceed in its wide famous Victoria Falls, and in its height exceed Niagara Falls. Not far distant from this rapturous nature phenomenon, there is located also megaloman technical work - Itaipu Electric Power Station.

Poisonous spiders in Czech republic
Published: 22.9.2008
Consequent warming stage of climate caused, except weather uncertainity, also income of many animal and plant sorts, more typical for remote and southern located areas of our planet. However, these insects are unwelcome animal sorts, especially those with eight legs – so the spiders, no doubt. They recall terrible fright for any second inhabitant of Central Europe.

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