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Do You Know? Prague Topics

Published: 12.9.2010
The first chapter of article series: "Do you know, that…" describes the topics of our capital, in order to know, which buildings in Prague could be proud on such valuation.

Sunday is not a suitable day, when you would be pleased to sit at your PC and read long articles, so we wish to make acquaintance with some short articles, where several topics could be presented, auch as: the greatest, the longest, the deepest, the most extensive or the smallest places, buildings, nature or cultural monuments of our country or our planet.

So, the first chapter of our survey is decicated to topic constructions of Prague. As the longest street in Prague is Plzeňska Street in Prague 5.It is 10,5 kms long, passing from Anděl crossing, via Košíře, Motol, Řepy, Stodůlky up to Zličín, forming one of main roads to D5 highway to Pilsen direction. At its beginning, the street forms important part of newly established traffic junction, together with Strahov Tunnel, Mrázovka Tunnel and Blanka Tunnel complex, being under construction for the time being.


As far as the longest Prague dwelling house is concerned, this could be found in Prague 8 -Bohnice, Zelenohorska Street. The complex is 300 metres long, and has totally 18 entrances. It belongs to vauntings of socialist buildings.

On the contrary, the highest dwelling house (panel house) on the territory of the capital, it is Kupa Hotel in Háje quarter, Prague 4. The building is 81 metres high and has 23 floors. The construction is well-known especially with its bridge, connected with neighbouring, several metres lower building. A restaurant is to be found in its 22nd stage. The whole complex is placed near to the first Prague multi-movie (cinema) Galaxy.

The highest building of Prague and Czech Republic at the same time, it is City Tower administrative building, 109 metres high, including 27 floors and three subterranean stages, total useful surface of 44 000 square metres. The building belongs to dominants of Pankrác quarter. The  house was originally projected as a seat of Czech Radio Broadcast building. However, the plans and materials of 1983 did not suit  in the year of termination (1993). So, after many negotiations, which followed, the torso of the building was sold in 2000, in order to be a building, dominating newly created representative Prague locality.

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo/maps: Wikipedia.com and archiweb.cz

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