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Do You Know, That? Fastest Trains Of The World

Published: 23.1.2011
Our regular article-serial about interesting matters, curiosities and remarkable places of Czech Republic and Slovakia will accompany you also in 2011. Nevertheless, our interest will be, starting from today, surpass the borders of our Republic, trying to present you interesting information about places which could be, with its exceptionality, worth to be mentioned in the articles.

The trains are taken for the quickiest land (surface) means of transport. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the trains in the Czech Republic belong to rather slow ones, the transport by train is synonymously most expanded mean of transport in the course of  21st century. Whereas plane transport was hit by world crisis, and many of flight companies were brought into serious problems, not speaking about risks, connected with unsatisfied land-staff, wheather wimsy or relatively small transport capacity, the trains in inland and international transport remained struck with big competition. Anyway, the Czech Republic belongs to so called railway giants. Local railway nest belongs to world´s top. However, nearly pre-war system, and maily obsolete technics are compensated with a fact that nearly each village has available its stop.

On the other hand, the states of Far East belong to the opposite extreme. It is necessary to be Shanghai Maglevmentioned famous and extremely punctual Japanese railways, the prosperity of which increased first of all in period 1970-1980 (1964 - the Shinkansen on route Tokyo-Osaka). Nevertheless, the 2nd World War became some advantage for Japanese railway system. The consequence of American bomb-attacks were so extensive that local railway transport was practically in ruins, and the same situation was in most industrial infrastructure and most of towns, important from strategically point of view. So, an idea, i.e. to divide strictly personal from load (goods) transport brought a base for separated construction of railway nest, and this fact belongs to world´s unique projects. The high-speed routes, destined for personal transport, do not interfere the transport of goods.

Anyway, the notice about Japanese railway system, proposed a theme which this article could be dedicated to. And this is a speed, concretely, the speedest train of the world. By the way, doChina Railways you know that the fastest trains are circulating in China?

Among towns of Wu-chan and Guangzhou (Canton), in the east part of such big country, (within 2005-2009), there was constructed fresh new, 1069 kms long new route, specially destined for Supertrain. The construction cost more than 15 billions of dollars. So, in such way, the wearysome, 10 hours lasting way was shortened to pleasant 2 hours and 45 minutes drive. In Czech Republic, within such time period, the distance of 250 kms only (Prague - Olomouc) is to be overcome.

The average speed of such Chinese Supertrain is moving at the border of 360-400 kms per one hour, and this is, in average, more than 100 kms as most of world´s railway lines. On the other hand, the absolute record of Maglev, Japanese trains (581 kms per one hour) was not overcome till now, but the average speed of French TGV (270 kms/h) or Japanese Shinkansen (240 kms/h) was beaten. In the course of past years, China is working urgently on next carrying position of Maglev Traintransfer records. Another type of set could be main factor, getting out of just Japanese Malgev, which reached, in Chinese interpretation, its magic border of 1000 kms/h. The train, moving on magnetic pillow, so without any other friction, has still enough question-marks, first of all, its brake line, and all infrastructure. Nevertheless, such relation could be born, under Asian conditions, during one night! Maglev railway system is, at present, in operation, for instance, in Shanghai, where this modern metropolis is joined with an international airport, 30 kms distant.

And, a small curiosity at the end: Just several days after, when the railway was got in operation, this hi-tech machine was set out of order, by one dependent smoker. He was unable to withstand his temptation and he blocked completely with his smoke fire system of the train for nearly three hours!

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: wikipedia commons


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