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Do You Know That? The Highest Statue Of The World II.

Published: 30.10.2011
Is Chinese giant Buddha really the biggest? And which of the female statues is the biggest? This and much more can be found in the second part of our journey through the world's BEST statues.

As we said in the last part, at present is the largest statue the Buddha from China's Lu-shan, but according to recent reports it should be overcome in the next years by as much as 54 m Indian fighter Sardar Patel, whose monument should attack the border 180 meters. Monstrous project which costs almost 5 billion crowns should be completed around 2014. The statue should be erected in the state of Gujarat in northwest India. Sardar Patel is a famous historical figure who works for India's independence of Britain. A close friend of Gandhi and Prime Minister of free India came to the attention of the Indians with the epithet "Iron Man" and it is this to be a monument to his name and the importance of properly celebrated. The project, however, met with a wave of criticism that would commemorate the champions of the people prefer to see real support in the form of poorly residents, who for $ 300 million rather welcomed the improvement of living conditions than gigantic and opulent sculpture museum.

In our bulletin we also can´t forget to the statue embodies some of the important women, or their symbols. The most famous statue is clearly the American Statue of Liberty, which with its height of 46 meters is not dimensionally the most interesting, but it is one of the main symbols of the United States. Its total height is 93 meters, but her entire half takes the stand. But symbols are important to bear: Near the foot of statue are severed bonds of tyranny. The left hand a statue holds the boards representing the declaration of independence on them the inscription JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776, the date of publication of the Declaration of independence). Her crown with seven rays is a symbol of freedom that has to radiate across the seven seas and seven continents. Statue of Liberty reminds friendship and aid granted by France to the American settlers in their struggle for independence from Great Britain commenced in 1776. Only France had sent troops to America. The French wanted the statue of Liberty to express sympathy for the new Republic created the Atlantic Ocean. The statue stands on the island from New York since 1886. Without stand time after the peak of the torch 46 m, with base rises to a height of 93 m. Today there are less copies of her in Paris as a reminder of its French origin. (focused by wikipedia.org) 

Indeed, the highest female statue is the Volgograd "Mother Country calls", which is part of the memorial bloody Battle of Stalingrad, as originally named city on the Volga. A statue of ancient goddess of victory Nike, heroines striding forward with a sword over his head, is 52 meters high, with sword and with a total height of the entire 85 m and is therefore the largest statue of a woman's world. The memorial stands on the hill Mamajevov also places the greatest fights in the siege, which lasted 200 days, which also commemorates the two hundred steps to the foot of a giant mound. Another similar monumental "woman" can be found in Kiev, Ukraine, bearing the Mother Country - symbolizing the Great Patriotic War, as Russians marked the victorious campaign against Hitler's armies. Of the total height of 102 m 62 m seems very figure whose dimensions are given again mostly erect sword. Part of the monument is a memorial with a number of thematic sculptures heroic Red Army soldiers ... It's interesting how most of the greatest male statues symbolizes man as a saint, and vice versa depicts women as warriors, but that's a tribute in nature walks and no wonder.

Russian and former Soviet nations always worship their heroes. Fortunately, each succeeding epoch history brought new heroes and the cult of personalities falling as fast as the new ones bore. Now I would like a little small, but interesting branch respectively view of history as you describe in my earlier article on Moscow, which is described Stalinist destructive act against the Church of Christ the Saviour, who had a retreat among other things, a monstrously large statue of Lenin: "This temple existed only 48 years old when Stalin had him demolish and in its place be built Palace of Soviets, planned as the tallest building in the world 6 times heavier than the then tallest building, New York's Empire State Building, plus it had a statue of Lenin decorate 3x higher (more than 100m) than the Statue of Liberty. Lenin had to have the entire 32 m width apart. Total height of proposed buildings should be 415 meters with 150 floors ... "

In the next part about the interesting statues we will stay in Moscow, where he is one of the most interesting statues at all. Meanwhile you can guess who and what it symbolizes.

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: wikipedia commons: mariluna ,  Ogre  , Hedington        

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