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Do You Know That? USA: New York - Museum On The Aircraft Carrier

Published: 3.6.2012
Next stop in one of the most spectacular cities in the world, takes us to board the aircraft carrier, unusual museums of aerospace and navy under one roof, or rather the deck.

In New York we would find a thousand and one topic about which you could write something. Not for nothing is the capital of the same country town called museums. You can find them here very numerous, whether historical, scientific, artistic, musical and I do not know what yet, but one of them will definitely not remain secret. Many people will argue that any military equipment in comparison with the local famous Metropolitan Museum of Art rather primitive, but with a bit of fitness certainly you can do both.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is an extensive exhibition of military and astronomy technique, located on board aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, which means Intrepid. His name really wears with pride, because its history was not pink, which will now explain. History of the Essex class aircraft carriers goes back to 1938, when the U.S. Congress approved the construction of entirely new types of fast aircraft carriers for outgoing vessel type Yorktown. The newly created class of Essex had for a long time to become the backbone force of naval forces in the coming years the World War II, where these ships and especially Intrepid participated in numerous combat operations in the battle of the Pacific Islands in the war with Japan. In the first years of the war produced a total of 24 pieces of ark capable of carrying up to 36 fighters and dive bombers type Hellcat. Operation of Intrepid provided crew 2900 sailors who first intervened in the fighting in the year 1944 in the battle for the Marshall Islands

To the awareness of the tremendous resilience came mainly because most interventions allegedly endured from all deployed aircraft carriers at all, starting with torpedoes and kamikaze suicide attacks, etc., etc. Later it was deployed several times in the Vietnam War, only to have served since 1982 as a unique museum in Manhattan waterfront at 46th street. In 2001, after the attacks on the WTC buildings served as FBI headquarters. After subsequent extensive reconstruction, between 2006 and 2008 was opened for public again, along with another very interesting exhibition located in the submarine USS Growler at her side. The main attractions of this museum is primarily located in the individual aircraft floor levels, which is dominated by transport super aircraft original Concorde, as well as invisible reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed A-12 Blackbird, and many other U.S. and foreign machinery production, as seen in the photos.

Boat is the interactive museum of U.S. naval forces with a unique insight into the everyday life of the crew. Perhaps they are made available to all corners, corridors and rooms where they are represented by dummies individual professions, from barbers, cooks, the engineers, officers and pilots. Carrier recently starred in the sci-fi movie I Am Legend, from the deck when Will Smith fires golf balls into the deserted streets of the city evacuated. The greatest excitement, however, raises a challenging innovative project of 2012, part of which is to be a complete shift of its recently acquired space shuttle Enterprise, which becomes the new star of all the already extensive exposure!


Text: Bc. Jan Chaloupka

Foto: Wikipedia Commons: chensiyuan, autopilot, Nrbelex

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