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Do You Know That? Vietnam: Follow The Seven Wonders Of The World I.

Published: 27.11.2011
Recently was thru internet voting selected the new seven natural wonders of the world. Most information on these remarkable localities in the Czech Internet dismissed several photographs, but we will in our “Do you know that” – serial will try to say something more about the places that you did not receive his reputation by accident.

People has for its modern history has many times voting or debate about which are really the best, most interesting and valuable. The recognition mostly gained of the works of human work, temples, pyramids and gardens. The latest survey showed, however, that the most precious is the beauty that only nature can perhaps so, she got her 7 Wonders, which are: Amazon, the South Korean island Čedžu, Vietnam, Ha Long Bay, Argentine-Brazilian Iguazu Falls, the Indonesian Komodo reservation, the Philippine underground river in Puerto Princesa and Table Mountain in South Africa and we have the following parts of our infinite series taste of some of them.

The first stop will be Vietnam, Ha Long Bay - a place known as the Dragon Bay, a Dragon's coast. Since 1994, this strange bay is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and most of us know her as the place where the water appear massive rocks, whose heel, at the very surface of the Gulf of Tonkin worn down the water so that from afar looks like a giant cliffs directly levitated above sea level. Frequently visited area of the natural park covers an area of ​​almost 1600 km2 and is located on it about 2000 islets and islands.

Bay itself has an area of ​​334 km² with a high density of exactly 775 islands. Erosion, sea and surf climatic influences, along with the wind have shaped this place for 500 million years. Karst formations are slightly younger, since their formation took place only from the displacement of this part of Asia to the tropical zone - only 20 million years... 120 km long coast between the cities of Ha Long and Cam Pha Cat Ba Island. An integral part of the central bay is also an extensive karst area with countless limestone caves whose interiors are more impressive lighting effects coloured lamps. The most interesting of them is twenty-opened to the public. Probably the most famous cave is the Hang Dau Go (Wooden stakes Cave). Archaeological finds have yielded evidence of a relatively significant population of this area and has been since 16,000 BC. Rich Sea and good climate have become home to people from prehistoric times to the modern history. Today's natives live mainly from traditional fishing and tourism, but at Vietnamese prices is just the main fishing craft. Brightly coloured floating houses, boats and junk give gray-green coves and misty mountains, which are directly above them, mysterious touch, which annually attracts the eyes of countless tourists from around the world. Ha Long Bay is also one of the most frequently shown to about motives Vietnamese culture and art, and even got on the banknote.

Unique scenery, colours and pervasive mystery of this place were the main reasons which decided that the Dragon Bay respectively. Ha Long is one of the major natural wonders of the world, to which we return in future sequels infinite series Do you know that?

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: Wikipedia Commons:Macrider I., II. , SándorLaza, Gryffindor


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