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Easter - a celebration of life

Published: 16.4.2022
The Easter time is great almost for everyone, whether for relaxation, entertainment or spiritual point of view. Today's society is connected with this holiday, especially so-called "birch rod and pouring by water", when the echoes of our homes every year whoop girls hiding from the wicked pouring.

For Christians, Easter or the Passover (in Greek Catholics) that the most important period of the liturgical year. Just over the Easter, the Christian world commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition to the spiritual dimension of people associate this period and the beginning of "real" spring, which certainly includes the symbols, such as eggs, water, spring awakening with greenery and start work on the farm fields and farms. And right these customs, traditions and symbolism of these holidays alone will help you to approach.

The Easter time

It all begins one week before Easter, and Palm Sunday, or so-called Lent. According to the Gospels, Jesus entered Jerusalem, where he was welcomed by young people with palm branches. Today this event to commemorate the consecration at Mass twigs cats. Same as in the past, also now people believe that their sacred poles bring a good harvest and protect their property. In Sunday's dinner menu on the table should not miss the traditional pasta with poppy seeds, symbolizing fasting.

The Easter time

On Holy Thursday we commemorate the memory of the Last Supper at which Jesus gives the apostles the bread and wine, in a symbolic conception of his body and blood, which established the feast of communion. Custom of doing crosses on the door of the stable, which should protect animals against evil forces. In today's times, this habit was encountered only sporadically. The lunch is served Lent "green" food and spinach salad mostly concentrated sauces.

The Easter time

Mourning day Good Friday is the day when they crucified JesusChrist. This is the day for Christians to respect strict fasting, which binds to the cleansing of body and soul, as well as the memory of the great suffering of the Lord. In the event that did not observe a complete fast, it is only to prepare vegetarian meals from legumes, fish or vegetables. Also, people used to go wash in the stream to be healthy.

The Easter time

Holy Saturday symbolizes Jesus Christ´s resting in the grave, wrapped in white sheets. Religious habit was, and still is loose bells to be ready to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. One of the other acts was burning remnants of sacred objects, which symbolize the burning of Judas. This day was characterized by preparing meals and the celebration of Easter Sunday, knitting and dyeing eggs in wicker willow whips.

The Easter time

In the above-mentioned Easter Sunday after days of mourning began to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This day is the culmination of the Easter holidays. The churches are still sanctifying Easter food, the most important are Easter eggs and cake. After morning Mass, the people choose in their houses or apartments, where start to consumption of festive meals, at the same time they sing ceremonial songs to make the time with the family or friends nicer.

The Easter time

The last day of the Easter holidays, is traditionally associated with water, bathing, pouring, hitting girls. Hit by willow twigs symbolized the life-giving power of vegetation and irrigation on the other hand symbolized the health and beauty for girls throughout the year. Today, it is gradually replaced by water and water splashes and discreet fragrances.


Interesting on the Slovak Republic is the fact, that there you can meet both cultural tradition - Western Europe Eastern Irrigation with bathing. Despite the various customs and traditions, we should not forget the most precious - our family and friends.


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photo: O. Maňáková, Pixabay.com

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