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Hungary: You don't miss your way in Budapest II.
Published: 11.8.2008
Budapest, capital of Hungary, is better (as mentioned before) to visit with some travel agency for the first time. Circular tour does not miss all most important sightseeings, of course. Anyway, even without assistance, you are able to find your way.

Hungary - a target of long weekends
Published: 1.8.2008
Five-parts excursion in Hungary is an inspirative talk about interesting places, life style and history of a state, which have more common things with Czech Republic, as originally expected. So, first part is dedicated to a question, why to visit Humgary, why not to be afraid of non-organized travelling, and we shall learn couple ow words in Hungarian language, too.

Versailles - window of France
Published: 19.6.2008
Versailles, a locality situated 24 kms distant from Paris only, belonged originally to powerful and important Gondi Parentage. They invited the Kings for hunting in their vast forests. Anyway,this area became fond of King Louis XIII. (1601-1643) so much, that he bought it consequently, and ordered Philibert Le Roy in 1624, to establish here gentleman's country-seat.

Basel - town of Euro Championship
Published: 3.6.2008
Basel is the other town where Euro-Championship in football (soccer) is taken place. It is twice so important for Czech Team, as first match with Switzerland will be effected in local stadium just on Saturday! It is obvious that numerous group of Czech fans will arrive wishing to be here at this great event.

Published: 17.5.2008
A person who visited the metropolis placed on Moscow-river will confirm that most populous capital of Russia reminds improvised box of bricks in hands of megaloman, without big sence for an order, but with enormous ability for improvisation, had constructed a home for more than 10 million of inhabitants.

Rome - walk through eternal town ("citta eterna")
Published: 22.4.2008
Let´s imagine warm summer evening. Centenary and millenial beauty of basilicas, fountains and palaces of "Eternal Town" dresses, after rush day, its rosa robe, the last sun-rays rebound from marble buildings, which gave to this town its favour of all visitors around the world.

Verdon canyon
Published: 19.4.2008
In southern France, on border of Var and Alpes de Haute Provence, there is situated a countryside of Provence, smelled of lavenders. Small river Verdon hollowed out through Verdon-valley one of most impressive canyons of Europe. It is named "Great Canyon" ? so Grand Canyon du Verdon.

Excursion in Novohradské mountains
Published: 29.3.2008
Novohradské Mountains are less known to public but despite this fact they are nice and romantique, these deserted mountains in eastern direction from Bohemian Forest.

Baikal Lake
Published: 19.3.2008
Baikal Lake is situated in southern part of Eastern Siberia in Russia. It is deep, dark blue lake, by Russian people named as "Holy Sea". The lake has some magic power of attaraction, beyond all description. The name of a lake means a "sea" in a language of original inhabitants of area - Buriats.

Segway - inovation in motion
Published: 10.3.2008
A unique solution of traffic in towns of new century, so it is often named a modern two-wheel means of transport for one passenger. The motion is secured by electromotor feeded with accumulators NiMH or Li-ion. This is probably the most economical way, how to solve increasing critical quality limit of atmosphere of great cities of the world.

Slovakia - Ďumbier and Low Tatra
Published: 4.3.2008
Ďumbier is situated on main range of Low Tatra Mountains - as its highest point (2043 m) - between Krúpova Hola (1927 m) and Králička (1785 m). On its northern part there are walls of 500 m height, falling to glacier kettlers at the end of Bystrá and Ludarova Valley.

Iditarod Trail Invitation
Published: 1.3.2008
Who desires the adventure and solitude and does not like warm weather, he could participate the action, which belongs to most difficult outdoor races on the earth. So, would you start thousand miles long route through Alaska. Anyway, you cannot expect a wealth and fame at the end of this action, but, on the contrary, self-knowledge and warm!

Airbus A 320
Published: 26.2.2008
Today´s aeronauts´ talk approaches us the history as well as contemporaneity of the first type of most used passenger aircrafts from production of European Aircraft Corporation Airbus, especially of model A 320, we mostly meet on short and medium flight distances.

Lužické hory
Published: 19.2.2008
Lužické Mountains are small, a little forgotten mountain range in north of Bohemian basin. Its height is not enormous, there are no ski resorts, but these mountains are very interesting in summer, in spring as well as in autumn are full of various colours.

Boeing 737 - aircraft
Published: 10.2.2008
If you decide to travel to remote destinations, for purpose of holiday relax or on business, your steps follow to the airport, for sure. The aircraft, waiting for you there, has its specificness, typical feature and its technical as well as construction limits, which would be interesting for the traveller. What is the aircraft Boeing 737 like?

An European and Islamic countries V.
Published: 8.2.2008
In an environment which is completely different from our milieu we know, we can often feel perplexed, even in banal reality. We are surprised as we have opposite information available, and we have to follow our own impression. As far as the islamic countries are concerned, we can hear or read, before our departure, "guaranteed news", and the truth is completely different.

Memorable trees
Published: 7.1.2008
As memorable trees are declared the trees by localy belonging authorities, in accordance with the Act. No.114/1992 regarding Countryside and Nature Protection. It is in charge of local Section of Life Environment (due Local Municipal Office or Town Office of statutory towns).

Orlická range route
Published: 4.1.2008
The path of Orlická-range route between the community of Olešnice and Land-Gate or Čihák Challet has the leghth of 42 kms approx. It is a day route for experienced skiiers. If you have enough time and a sufficiency snow is available, you can use many diversion routes for your ski-excursions in Orlické Mountains.

Published: 26.11.2007
ACROSS ZLATÉ NÁVRŠÍ (GOLDEN HILL) OF EASTERN GIANT MOUNTAINS The first snow of this year drew the tourists as well as ski-runners to the moutains, many ski-running traces are driven! Zlaté návrší over Vrbata Cottage (Vrbatova bouda) in the eastern part of Giant Mountains is well-known to sportsmen. Hardly anybody knows that in Giant Mountains is something doubled.

Published: 7.11.2007
Further of Traveller´s Guides, this time about ommited Asian Pearl – Vietnam. Travellers´ recommandations and advice as well as original photos help you where spend your next summer.

From Roudnice to Budyně
Published: 28.10.2007
The plain is seemingly not interesting. What can we see interesting in Polabí (Elbe Plain)? We find here the ways interesting not only by surrounding nature, but also by the histotry passed this area. The countryside near the town of Roudnice belongs to those most oldest from the historical point of view.

Vítkův kámen
Published: 9.10.2007
We think that the nature and countryside around Lipno-Dam are not necessary to be described in more detailed way. Frankly speaking, there are plenty of places of interest for excursions for tourists, cyclists, and skiers in winter.

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