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Andaman Islands II.
Published: 29.3.2010
"Andaman Islands, yes, let´s go there, it is a paradise on the Earth, but be in a hurry, this paradise could be lost soon!" the old lady from Barcelona said, sitting on bank of Ganga-river in Benares, holy town.

Surinam - Omitted Country Of South America III.
Published: 27.3.2010
The Government and Politics

Martin - Slovakia
Published: 25.3.2010
Martin is cultural as well as economical seat of Turiec, North Slovak Region. In 1994, the town was declared as Slovak Centre of National Culture. So, Martin became a very attractive target, not only for local tradition and its monuments.

Andaman Islands I.
Published: 19.3.2010
"Andaman Islands, yes, let´s go there, it is a paradise on the Earth, but be in a hurry, this paradise could be lost soon!" the old lady from Barcelona said, sitting on bank of Ganga-river in Benares, holy town. So, we decided, after three months of wandering throughout India, this place, celebrated by advanturers, and not discovered by tourists, these islands,hidden mysteriously in Indian Ocean.

Sochi - the town of sun I.
Published: 17.3.2010
„The Town of Sun“, „Magnolia Countryside“, „Pearl at the Seaside“ – all these names belong to famous spa town of Sochi, situated in Russian Federation, Krasnodar Region.

Cabo - Verde Islands
Published: 15.3.2010
Cabo-verde groups of islands got its independence in 1975. Their name is derived from most remote headland of African continent, named as Ilhas de Cabo Verde in Portuguese language (The Islands of Green Cap).

Surinam - Omitted Country Of South America II.
Published: 13.3.2010
Next part of small South American town.

Thessaloniki - Greece
Published: 12.3.2010
Thessaloniki is the second greatest town of Greece, and its biggest port at the same time. It is a town full of life with big number of historical monuments.

Published: 8.3.2010
London is a capital of United Kingdom, and also a great, important, historical and culture town at the same time. So, this magnificent London could be characterized in such way. In 2012, the town will become, just for the third time, a centre of Summer Olympic Games.

Surinam - Omitted Country Of South America I.
Published: 1.3.2010
Justice, duty, loyalty... this is a motto of small state, situated in South America, which could be proud on many specialities.

Published: 26.2.2010
Madrid is a capital of Spanish Kingdom. The town has more than 3 millions of inhabitants, and it is also a capital of province of the same name. This province is one from other seventeen autonomous Spanish regions. The visitors can fully feel traditional Spanish popularity, local habits and customs, which are added with luxury of Kings' palaces and aristocratic houses.

Sakhalin And Curils Islands II.
Published: 16.2.2010
History The ancient and Middle Age history of Sakhalin and Curil Islands are full of mystery. It is not obvious when the first persons came there. The archaeological discoveries of last ten years refer to older stone era.

Sakhalin And Curils Islands I.
Published: 9.2.2010
Curils Islands

Cape Town (South Africa)
Published: 17.1.2010
Cape Town is the second greatest town of Republic of South Africa, and capital of Western Cape at the same time. It is a seat of South Africa Parliament and of another Government Institutions, Thanks to its nature sceneries, the town is marked as one of most beautiful towns of the world.

High Tatra Mountains: All Faces Of Nature - VIDEO
Published: 16.12.2009
Beauty and pain, this is an actual picture of highest Slovakian mountains. The gale which run about across Tatra Mountains, cut its non-effaced message into this well-known countryside.

Published: 3.12.2009
Picturesque British town Salisbury is situated at the edge of Salisbury Plains, in Wiltshire County. Local proud - Gothic Cathedral - attracts big number of visitors each year.

Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Parka - Turkey
Published: 28.11.2009
Most of tourists arrive to Turkey, in order to visit predominantly the places of interest, such as Istanbul, Efes, mythical Troya, Pamukkale or Cappadokia, but hardly anybody could admire nice, and really fascinating milleu of Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Park.

Tschukotka - Russia - I.
Published: 30.10.2009
This countryside is rather uninvestigated piece of the Earth, with marvellous nature and enormous wealth of raw materials.

Playa Canoya - Wild Beach With Surfers
Published: 20.10.2009
Let´s imagine the following scene: the sea is wild and rough, and just behind in the neighbourhood, there is to be found one picturesque and quiet beach. Despite the fact that smaller attention is to be paid it, Playa Canoa of Curacao Island has its special characteristic.

Italy Once - Italy Again!
Published: 22.9.2009
Actual holiday travelling abroad is much more better and simple as it was several years ago. New exotic and attractive destinations are opening in front of you, alluring the visitors with its unusuality and remarkable events. To tell the truth, some European countries remain for us as some evergreens. You need to visit it again and again and your visit will be never ordinary.

Published: 17.9.2009
Bern is a capital of Switzerland as well as Bern Canton at the same time. The town is situated on 40 metres high sandstone headland over Aare-river. Historical town has 130000 inhabitants but in town of Bern, including suburbs, there are living approx. 350000 persons altogether.

Introduction - Rome
Published: 4.8.2009
Let's read the first part about Rome, Italian capital.

Cracow - The Town Of Speaking Stones
Published: 28.7.2009
The university town of Cracow is a metropolis of Small Poland Dukedom in South Poland, inhabited with 800000 people. It is marvellous historical town friendly sympathized with artists and busy cultural life, and local people who are ready to keep their old customs and traditional ceremonies.

Walk Through Oxford
Published: 23.7.2009
When you hear „Oxford“ you immediately could have in mind famous University. And really, this town is full of unchangeble atmosphere and phantastic places, which could not escape our memory.

Gardens in Paris
Published: 11.7.2009
In Paris, you can find several places known as oasis of calm, indeed. They are very popular and the inhabitants spend here their periods of relax. Provided you visit this world´s metropolis, do not hesitate and enter one from local gardens.

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