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Published: 26.11.2007
ACROSS ZLATÉ NÁVRŠÍ (GOLDEN HILL) OF EASTERN GIANT MOUNTAINS The first snow of this year drew the tourists as well as ski-runners to the moutains, many ski-running traces are driven! Zlaté návrší over Vrbata Cottage (Vrbatova bouda) in the eastern part of Giant Mountains is well-known to sportsmen. Hardly anybody knows that in Giant Mountains is something doubled.

In the eastern part of Giant Mountains we find the hill  Kettle (Kotel) which is not so high as its  namesake, situated over Dvoračky, but also Zlaté návrší, bearing its name  not  according to an expensive metal, but according to gold colour which bears at the sunset in August.

Less known ski-running paths  lead in eastern Giant Mountains, the starting-point can be  Black  Hole (Černý Důl). Lower Court (Dolní Dvůr) and Strážné. The paths are not situated in upper parts, so we are not reduced with beautiful views. On the contrary, if you see in the range „ from stake to stake“ , the wind blows and a blizzard  prevents from motion, the sections covered predominantly with originally beech-tree and  fir forests, can be  grateful.

We have to take into consideration that we have to step the trace in a snow in some sections, at the beginning of a season.

Let´s start in Strážné. We mount shortly to Hříběcí Cottages and set out along the path up

(not to the Swedish Cross and to Lahr Cottages) but along the path over Geese Cottages (Husí boudy) in direction to Grohmann Cottage. Approx. 500 m over Husí boudy we turn aside of wide path to the right through inconspicuous way leading nearly on isohypse to the forest.

The way leads us through the forest, which opens after a while and across snowned  up slope we follow the yellow marking ( used more in summer to Zadní Rennerovky) and through gradual descend we reach a sharp bend, where we have a nice view to the hill-side of Liščí hora (Fox Mountain). In the right direction there is a top of Kotel (943 m) and below us it is situated the deep valley  of  Kotel creek , created with confluence of Zinnecker and Renner  ditch. The way continues throughout the forest, climbing moderatly and descending up to Hannapeter glade.

From here, you can descend through the slope of this meadow, which is used as a half –descend route ( the way will be shortened of 4 kms approx.) or we can continue along further.

We pass the branch-line  of green marking for Husí boudy and through violent mounting  we reach the point of 900 m, where we reach- by nice descend- the mountain road from Hříběcí boudy. We continue in descending along lower  towage-station on Hannapeter glade to Kotelní bouda (Kettle Cottage) and Beránkův most (Beránek Bridge). From here, we could reach, descending in right direction, to Dolní Dvůr (Lower Court). Anyway, we continue further along the mountain road in direction to Tetřeví boudy (Grouse Cottages). We pass Zvonička ( Small Bell-Tower – a  barrack with small tower and a bell, the former seat of this local mining area)  and a moderatly undulated road leads us to the branch-line to Zlatý Mlýn (Golden Mill). Over there , in a hillside, there  is a barrack, hidden in a forest. Here is the place where the film comedy „S tebou mne baví svět“ was shot. And this is Zlaté návrší

(Golden Hill). Afterthat, we can go down to the restaurant Zlatý Mlýn (Golden Mill) where it is possible to take a refreshment.

The way there is short and sheer. We climb across Kotelský creek along the green marking to Tetřeví boudy (Grouse Cottages). It is not far but the climbing is very rash and takes us a lot of effort, especially when we make the trace. Nevertheless, a reward for us is an open plain in front of Tetřeví boudy, where is a starting-point  for the next excursions in the mountain ranges of eastern Giant Mountains. From here, you can descend to Pec pod Sněžkou,  Černý důl  or climb to Liščí hora (Fox Mountain) or Černá hora (Black Mountain).

Provided upstairs there is  Walking Prohibition declared , we choose the descend back along the mountain road . This way leads us – after 16 kms of distance – via Zvonička, Beránkův most, Hannapetra glade and Hříběcí boudy – back to Strážný.

Your excursion can be shortened in any time , according to your  effort capacity, the weather conditions and your state of mind

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