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Asia: A Continent With Many Faces

Published: 5.5.2012
Asia - a continent with many faces, climatic zones and incredible differences. With an area of 44 milion km² and about 4 billion people is the largest and most populous continent in the world.

In Asia you can find high mountains, deep lakes, exotic white beaches and tropical islands of the poor villages of indigenous tribes. This huge piece of land is divided among 49 states and lies on the Eurasian continent.

Asian and world best

• The highest mountain in Asia Mount Everest (8848 m) is the highest mountain in the world.

• The largest lake of Asia and the Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world.

• The largest (Russia) and largest (China) countries of the world lies in Asia.

• The deepest lake Baikal Asia (-1642 m) is the deepest in the world.

Exotic Asia: it is Thailand, Maldives and Nepal

Asia is full of interesting and beautiful places and hides some of the most popular holiday destinations. Take yourself to know the exotic Asia - you can discover the mysterious Thailand, Maldives azure, tropical Indonesia, Nepal adventure or a luxury United Arab Emirates.

For holiday to Asia you can go purely for entertainment - you will find the greatest treasures in Japan, China, Cambodia, India and Izrael. Now Asia is home to ancient civilizations - whether we are talking about ancient China, Mesopotamia or the Persian empire. Breathes the history of each stone, you need to go after ancient trading Silk Road that connected Chinese Xi-An with Little Asia Minor and the Mediterranean.

Asian geography: All climatic zones

Every high school student knows that divides Europe from Asia, the Ural Mountains and the coast of the Caspian and Black Sea. From Africa is this continent separated by the Suez Canal and Red Sea. Thanks to the huge area of ​​Asia that will replace all climatic zones - you can admire the hot deserts, glacial mountains, tropical rainforests and arid tundra. Important role in its present form Asia has long played the volcanic activity and in some places (Japan, Philippines, Indonesia) still find active volcanoes. On the other hand you encounter Siberia permafrost - permanently frozen soil.

Holiday in Asia can have many forms - whole life would you enough, if you wanted to go off all Asian rivers. Among them you will find a large streams, such as Yangtze Jiang, Huang He, the Ob, Yenisey, the Ganges, the Euphrates and Tigris. Those brave travelers can then go for a different kind of exoticism - to glaciers in the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal and Pamir.

Author: Viola Kratochvílova

Discover for yourself what it looks like an exotic vacation! Holiday in Asia is full of magical nature, wonderful beaches and ancient monuments!

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