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Auckland – The Metropolis of New Zealand – VIDEO

Published: 23.1.2018
A visit to New Zealand begins in Auckland in case of many. The city is situated on the northern island. Even though Aucklad is not the capital, about one third of country's population lives there. There is majority of economic activity, culture, art, and gastronomy. Let's make a short stop in Auckland. It would be pity to see Auckland only from the airport.

Volcanic activity left significant traces on Nového Zélandu as well as on Auckland. You can easily ispot several hills of typical volcanic shape. Mount Eden is most well-known one. From this hill you have a beautiful vista over the entire town. The green is an ideal place for an evening walk. Perhaps it will be the very fisrt place where you see something of the unique nature of Zealand. At least you will see ferns.

Mount Eden   výhled z Mount Eden

I recommend you to set aside one afternoon for a trip up to Devonport - a land projection opposite to the harbor of Auckland. A short boat cruise featuring vista over sky scrapers and the TV tower in downtown is totally worth it. You may also see a part of Devonport's harbor fortification originating in the WWII.

Devonport s centrem Aucklandu v pozadí

pohled z Devonportu na město   opevnění na Devonportu

If you like landmarks, Auckland doesn't disappoint. As for majority of New Zealand. People who love art will enjoy Auckland Art Gallery. In 2011 a new addition was added which makes it one of the most interesting structure in the city.

Auckland Art Gallery

If you have time spend several days in Aucklad at least. Enjoy local easy life. Local inhabitants know how to enjoy life. There is a number of amazing restaurants, bars, cafes, and beaches to relax on. Alternatively, you may do some sporting activities there. Auckland is dubbed the city of sails for over 100 thousand sailboats are registered there. Moreover, there are many sailboat and windsurfing clubs.

vzdálenosti do jednotlivých částí světa   Auckland

I found Auckladn an ideal place to have a first look at southern hemisphere and to smoothen the jet lag. The day is when it is night in Europe.


GPS: 36°51'03.5"S 174°45'56.1"E

Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Dexter Britain

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