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Australia, Perth: The Most Isolated City in the World

Published: 1.3.2013
Today we move to the world’s other end, to Australia to see one of its most important cities.

Perth is the largest city in svými 1,8 miliony obyvatel je největším městem západní western Australia, i.e. the state of Western Australia. The River Swan is flowing through the city.

PerthThe history of Perth as we know it today began relatively recently in the middle of the 17th century. The Dutch CaptainWillem de Vlamingh, who definitely wasn’t the archetype of a fearless rough se captain, was the first who spotted the area of today city. The British were the first to build a settlement there in 1829. Captain Stirling, who served in the Royal Navy since his 12 year of age, named the city and soon he became the first governor of Australia. Few years later, the settlement was endangered by the aborigine people Noongar the land of which the British usurped. As it is obvious, the British achieved Perthto dominate the whole Australian continent.

If we look on the ethnic demography of the city there are few interesting details about non-British Islands inhabitants (i.e. English, Scottish, Irish). The original people of Australia are more than one quarter of Perth’s population, another important minority ar, surprisingly Italians (ca. 4,5%), and the third most numerous minority are Chinese(3%). Italians, for example, are the rest of a great immigration from Europe that occurred after the Second World War, except them also Greeks, Croatians, Germans a Dutch.

PerthToday Perth is a modern city with highly sophisticated infrastructure. Compared to Prague costs of living are much higher in Pert (approx. by 150%) and also regarding Australia Perth is an expensive city. On the other hand an average income in Western Australia is 82 thousand Australian dollars, almost one third more than national average.

Some of Perth’s sights

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

A park spreads on a large area, around 400 ha, and more than 6 million tourists visit it every year Perth. No wonder. We can see there for example 750 years old giant baobab and other interesting flora. Except this you can walk up the so-called DNA tower, from there you can see the surroundings of park, the River Swan etc.

ZOO in Perth

The zoo is located near the city center and it creates a peaceful place in the middle of noisy metropolis. In the zoo you can experience a walk in the Nocturnal House or experience a walk in true Australian bushland.
The Museum of Western Australia

PerthAn old museum was established in 1891. Today it offers exhibitions focused on the area of Western Australia, there are also galleries of butterflies, mammals, birds. On the second floor there is a very interesting exhibition on the birth and evolution of life on Earth. You can see, for example, dinosaur bones, fossils or examples of the evolution of mammals, sea life and mankind.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikimedia Commons- Mark , Gnangarra, J c, Bev Sykes from Davis, CA, USA,  , Devar

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