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Australia, Queensland – Night Life on Gold Coast

Published: 23.12.2019
South of Brisbane, Queensland, is the sixth largest city on the continent - Gold Coast. You'll feel a bit like in Las Vegas, USA. In translation Golden Coast is a very popular destination especially among young people. This vibrant city is full of fun, laughter and of course golden sunrays.

From the familiar view of the Gold Coast, Australia's tallest building, the Q1 skyscraper, is 333 meters high. From its observatory you can enjoy a 360 ° view of the entire city. But beware, grades here cost about 400 CZK. But this skyscraper is not the only high-rise building in the city. Along the beach there are several, which is somewhat unusual for Australia, which does not suffer much from the construction of skyscrapers.

pobřeží je lemované moderními mrakodrapy   vpravo mrakodrap Q1

Fun at every step. There are several theme amusement parks at home, such as Movie World and Sea World, which offers dolphin shows and wild river descents. Nightlife is typical because the city is full of bars. Fun and relaxation attracts mostly young people.

bary na pobřeží

The coast of the city is lined with a few kilometers long beach Surfers Paradise with golden sand. Next to it you will find parks, restaurants, bars and hotels. Walk along the promenade along the beach is so very pleasant and varied. The sea is full of waves ideal for surfers who experience a true paradise. However, the water is cooler, so it is only for the hardy to swim. But its beautiful color, which alternates several shades of blue, is truly magical.

oblíbené pláže

Gold Coast is also a local canal, which is interwoven with the city. Many houses have their own small beaches and parking places for boats. These can be used to drive through the entire city, so you will feel a bit like Venice.

klidné zákoutí pláže   moře zde má několik dostínů modré

město je protkané kanály

If you want to relax a little from the city, there are several national parks around the Gold Coast, such as Burleigh Head NP, located in the south of the city. There are 5 trails in the park. One is the Ocean View Track, a pleasant walk with beautiful ocean views. This trail slowly changes to the Rainforest Track, which takes you to the highest point of this park, Tumgun Lookout, where you can see the coast and skyscrapers.

If you have time for a day trip, be sure to visit Tamborine NP, located above the city. In addition to the rainforest, you will find caves, beautiful views and truly rich fauna and flora.

výhled na město z NP Burleigh Head

procházka parkem podél pobřeží   příroda okolo města je pestrá

Gold Coast is definitely worth a visit, because it is a bit different from other Australian cities. It is a show of wealth, luxury, but also great fun. Yet there are plenty of quiet places to relax and interesting nature around.

GPS: mrakodrap Q1 28°00'21.6"S 153°25'45.8"E


Text and photos: Jana Hejlová

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