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Austria: Alpentrip X. - Finally In Carinthia, Finally Holiday

Published: 21.10.2012
Carinthian Alps are from time immemorial one of the busiest parts of Austria. Country of lakes and mountains, a place where even the Austrian of Tyrol goes for holiday, if want to enjoy nature.

North ItalyDespite the fact north of Italy is top of relaxed place for holiday, there are still places, where make sense to look forward after week of travelling. When we looked at the schedule, it was clear we will need to do one long interstate crossing. After a morning coffee in the waking camp shake stiff limbs after night Venice Marathon and repair of mirror that incomprehensibly felt out from an otherwise reliable Mercedes again I sit behind the wheel. There will be about 250 kilometres of route, which longer part runs along of the total relaxed motorway A4, respectively A23, passing through Udine to the border town of Villach. The two larger cities this time we leave unnoticed and would rather short our way through the lower mountain pass, which leads the way from the highway exit at the village Pontebba.

This part of the southern side of the Alps infamous during the First Worldway to the lake War bloody and more than a year-long Battle of the Piave River, which during the summer culmination of several glacial melting and retreat procedure prevented some of the participating armies. Killed people today reminds military monumental shrine atop the crest of Monte Grappa, like still show signs of combat fortifications, trenches and bunkers in the surrounding mountains.

On the Italian side nothing won´t hold us any longer and we are looking forward to replace oceanfront hot fresh mountain breeze, ice water and comfort of one of the Austrian camp at one of the Carinthian lakes.

way to the lakeAfter a short break on the Italian-Austrian border, marked with signs telling sign Herzlich Willkommen in Kärnten, we again go down into the valley, and our choice fell on the lake Weissensee, with knowing that in case of dissatisfaction or availability of camps, in vicinity to 30 km is other lakes equally beautiful.

The centre of the Lake Weissensee is a small village Techendorf offering everything essential nicely together. Rentals with a range of accessories for fun on the water and land, Spar shop and several independent restaurants, guest houses and one hotel network Moser. Charming bridge connecting the two banks of a relatively narrow, but it still a long strip of Lake completes cosiness and friendliness of this town.

Techendorf vilage

CarinthiaThe main event, however, came in the wake, to find a reasonable accommodation, and same as few times before happened, also this time we were lucky, because Camping of Knaller offered everything you can only wish for a quiet holiday. New modern facilities, comfortable facilities, ubiquitous purity, private beach with plenty of space and a decent supply refreshments. Camping is also an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling around. Although the surrounding peaks does not reach dizzying heights, certainly need not be underestimated. Perfect information system, maps and detailed breakdowns of all the routes with horizontal profile of the individual sections, maybe “destroy” the little adventure on such trips. Just remember back to yesterday Venetian wandering and it is hard to imagine that it was only 15 hours before, that we cursed the author info boards in one of the most visited cities in Europe. In Carinthia, everything is somehow simply and naturally perfect, but maybe it's just the outlet already almost weekly pilgrimage and a vision that last for a few days somewhere anchor, you can sleep in and relax, without waiting for you the next day 200 km Italian motorway.          

It is evening. Longest walk has at most a few tens of meters to places wCarinthiahere it is best to see a sunset between two mountains on the horizon. From nearby garden close timber pub is heard clinking glasses of excellent wheat Weizenbier and you have a taste for smelling good Schnitzel, that is after the few pizzas only possible balm for anchovies and artichokes scarred digestion.

We will say good bay for couple of days, because our deserved holiday starts. On the way back from Carinthia we will contact you. See you on Sunday, "Grüß Gott!"


Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: Tereza Překlasová

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