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Bad Kleinkirchheim - Nature Jewel Of Carinhia

Published: 28.4.2010
Bad Kleinkirchheim, small spa town and very popular ski resort is placed in Carinthia, (Karnten) Federal Country in Austria. Despite the fact that only 2000 inhabitants live there, this number is, in the course of the saison, ten times higher.

Nevertheless, the impression „season“ is quite relative in such case, as the town is using the profit from travelling activities all year round. And, to tell the truth, it has all suppositions for this task.

Thermal spring directly below ski descent route: can you imagine more ideal assumption for creation of very successfull tourist resort? Local thermal springs are mentioneBad Kleinkirchheimd for the first time at the beginning of past millenium (1055), nevertheless, archaeological findings of rests of Roman architecture and sculpturs prove a fact that the springs were popular just within antique time period. Natural water, at temperature of 36° C (in basins reaches 32-34°C), and with contents of approx. 1 g of minerals per liter, and low contents of radon wells up from depth of about 120 metres. On the other hand, the doctors recommend it for healing after-operation and after-injury situations, rheumatic problems, hypertensis, or for organism immunity reinforcing. As far as thermal water availability is concerned, its quantity is sufficient. So, the springs can supply not only „Romerbad“ relax area in Bad Kleinkirchheim but also St. Kathrein Spa Centre. Moreover, the water is being used in wellness centres as well as in several luxurious hotels in the environs. The hotels are offering even in winter the bath in basins in open air.

Bad Kleinkirchheim

This quiet spa town is orientated, first of all, for visitors, looking for active relax, as well as for dynamically developing company tourist activities, in form of congress events or incentive(motivated) activities of companies, which are organized for business partners or for company employees. It became a tradition, especially outside saison, that you can meet in local buildings top sportsmen teams. These versatile possibilities allure therefore for training stays as well as  other meetings (training camp of Slovak Football Representation Team at the end of May 2010 is planned here before they leave for FIFA Cup to South Africa Republic).

Surrounding mountaneous countryside invites for sport activities in all possible forms. Bad NockbergeKleinkirchheim, situated in an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level, is one of starting points for walks in near Nockberge Mountain-range. Making comparison with real Alps shields, this mountain has plain or moderately afforested hills is „a nock“ only. Anyway, it is rather good and fruitful training for all foot-passengers or cyclists (the environs of Bad Kleinkirchheim offer more than 1000 kilometres of marked cycling routes) as the highest peaks reach the altitude exceeding 2400 metres! Nevertheless, you have to take in mind that main part of mountain range (including highest peak - Grosser Rosennock - 2440 m) forms part of Nockberge National Park on the surface of 185 Nockalmstrassesquare kilometres. So, this fact requires high stage of flora and fauna protection, which limitates the movement outside marked routes. Although you can find in local shops wide choice of goods  produced from nature herbs, its pickling is permitted to local inhabitants exclusively, on base of very strong and severly followed permission. On the other hand, the following reality is worth to be noticed that this National Park was declared in 1987, on base of referendum results, where local citizens expressed their decisive disagreement with intended building of high-mountain facilities inside an area, not taught by civilization up to now.

KarlbadMain road, passing across this mountain range, including legendary Nockalmstrasse, undergo to toll payment, so the movement inside protected area could be better regulated. Anyway, you can find their sufficient number of rest (relax) places, equipped with information tables, where you can fully enjoy unique panorama, or admire the miracles of local nature. So, traditional Alps steam spa Karlbad belongs to such typical stops. The water, flowing from mountain torrent, was warmed, by means of hot stones, in wooden baths.

In winter, these mountains become just paradise for skiers, lovers of „white trace“. From total ski running routes which are available in environs of this small town, so called valley route „Romerloipe“, eight kilometres long, is well known. Well-wishers of ski descent routes and freeriding, can prefer the areas below Strohsack Peak and especially KaiFranz Klammerserburg. Upstairs, there are leading rope railways with really exclusive around view towards the valley. Ski centre Bad Kleinkirchheim-St.Oswald belong to fifteen most visited ski resorts all around Austria, offering more than 100 kilometres of ski descent routes, up to the altitude of  2200 metres above sea level. Most of these lines belong to „red“ difficulty stage, and as a top of difficulty, it is „K 70“ named after Franz Klammer, most famous local native. Here, regularly competition races of World Cup are taken place. Although the weather in this south part of Austria is influenced with warmer Mediterranean climate (the temperatures in mountains lakes reach in summer even 28° C, are even at the end of September you can enjoy your bath  with temperature of acceptable 21° C - Brennsee Lake  at small town Feld an See), most of ski routes are protected against weather changes with efficient snow guns, in order to add, during cold mountain nights, what sunshines caused in the course of day light. Except of this, local skipas is valid also in another Carinthian ski centres (and with small surcharge, as a ticket for local spa). In the environs of the town, does not miss golf playground (18 holes), including training space for golf-beginners. You can also use the possibilities or horse-riding sport as well as the other activities. Despite the fact that hotels´ survey, and especially their offers of prices could be quite negative surprise for Czech visitors, it would not good to make the decision on base of the first point of view. Except most expensive hotels, you have available very wide offer regarding accommodation in cheaper lodging houses or in private.

Bad Kleinkirchheim in winterExcept of this, hotels with more stars have also in their offer more accommodation possibilities at different price level. So, as typical example could serve family hotel Die Post Ronacher, where you can follow a bloom of this centre within past years. Original typical carpentered wooden building of former pub, (arranged as characteristic hotel restaurant and dining room) was added to several store hotel, hidden, from architectonical point of view, inside hill slope, where sporting area with swimming pool, sauna and tennis courts are situated. As the latest increase (from 1990), it is next wing with family appartements, where congress and lecture hall, fitness and wellnes centres are to be found in groundfloor.

Text: Jiří Výborný

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Urlaubsinformation Kärnten, flickr.com 

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