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Bhutan – Slowly Unveiled Mysteries

Published: 26.3.2015
Once upon a time there was an Asian kingdom. A small state on the slopes of the Himalayas surrounded by China from the north and India from the south. Wild nature with many undiscovered animal and flora species, and couple of hundreds of thousands inhabitants living modestly according to ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, in harmony with the surroundings and themselves.

buddhistické modlitební mlýnkyAnd above it all – wise king who knows that HDP is nonsense made up by spiritually backward cultures. The king measures in a different way. He measures in the national happiness.

Perhaps you have already heard about this fairy tale. We do not have in mind to falsify the Bhutan myth. We love to dream about such a paradise. We would like to expand your knowledge of Bhutanian culture, and therefore to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

One of the most distinct aspects of Bhutanian culture is textile – its manufacturing, wearing, and importance within ethics. In regular households and even noble ones tradiční způsob tkaní weave traditionally by using wool or silk threads. The cocoons of silkworm and Giant Peacock Moth are spinned together. Traditional weaving loom allows for the body to lean and regulate thread tension through strap. Very gentle patterns are thus created. Every cross has a meaning. The Bhútanians are recognizable according to their clothes. Giving somebody clothes is an act of utmost importance. Value of such cloths is also buttressed when learns there are detail výšivky na pokrývce trůnutaxes on clothes.

Also a cap is important part of a dress. The ruler has his cloth with embroidery. It is only for him and it symbolizes a crow. According to the legendy, this bird appeared in Ngwang Namgjal’s dream. The bird gave incentive to him to travel to Bhutan and then to found the kingdom of Bhutan in the 17th century.

Men of Bhutan wear tunic that touches ground and has sleeves. Women are covered in kjiry - a large square cloth sewn together of strips. To attach clothes together clips and pins are used. Other then traditional dress is hard to see. Uniforms in school are normal. Every school (monastery) has own colors and patterns.

tradiční vzorytradiční vzorytradiční vzory

Even the images at dwellings or monasteries are of textile. These are called thangks. Jejich Členky Královské textilní akademie před obrazyReligious myths, gods, and life of spiritual leaders are common motives. Often these are embroidered or painted on special background which is then attached to precious silk fabric. Frameworks of wood reinforce them and it could be covered with gentile veil.

In 2014, Czech foreign ministry established diplomatic relations with Bhutan. Tourists are increasingly interested in this region. “Wild” individual tourism is, however, out of the question. A visa is required to enter the country and the government regulates the number of tourists (which is limited anyway due to special limitations of the only airport in the country). Tourists have to also use the services of the Bhutanian tourist office where they should pay obligatory weekly expenses (ca. 200 to 250 USD). The country is accessible via road only from India, hBhútánská buddhistická stavba. The border with China is closed. It is forbidden to use personal motor vehicle in Bhutan. There is no railway. The air connection is provided by aerolinie Druk-Air. On its low number of lines is operated, by the way, fly even Czech pilots.

Thanks to fresh diplomatic relationship we can experience a touch of this extraordinary culture even in Prague. Visit an exhibition of „Bhútán – a country close to heave“ in the Naprstkovo Museum. Among items displayed are those from the Royal Textile Academy in Thimph , large photos, or jewelry. Rich program will extend the exhibition from March 3 2015 to June 13 2015. On the latter day the exhibition will culminate in the Museum Night. You can find more deatails on lectures, workshops etc. in our Events’ calendar.

Taktshang    HaaValley

Text/photo: Radka Snížková, Wikimedia Commons: Douglas J. McLaughlin, Douglas J. McLaughlin 2, Antho0603


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