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Bolivia, Cochabamba – Lets Go to Central Bolivia

Published: 2.8.2013
Cochabamba is the capital of the Cochabamba Department that cover the area approximately of Slovakia. This department is well-known in the country for its fertile soil thus its nickname is “granary of Bolivia”. Among agriculture products cultivated there are grains, tobacco, sugar cane, potatoes or cocoa beans.

Thanks to its fertile soil the region has been settled for thousands of years by various native tribe/civilization Incas including. There are several nature parks in this region such as Currasco (area approx. 6 thousand km²), Tunari (3 thousand km²) or the largest Isoboro Sécure (13,7 thousand km²).


Cochabamba’s name consists of two words meaning “lake” and “plain”. When the Spaniards conquered Latin American and started mining silver in Potosí, Cochabamba prospered as well. In the 18th century, when mining declined the city declined with it.


The city was a traditional migration destination for its moderate climate and today also for its improved economy as Cochabamba returned to its position of prosperous city and Templo Sarcotoday it is among the most progressive Bolivian cities. Its districts for example around Plaza Colón represent modernity in the city for there are modern buildings and companies have their residences there.

The city was a traditional migration destination for its moderate climate and today also for its improved economy Diosasas Cochabamba returned among prosperous Bolivian cities.

Good reputation of the city harms the fact that it is known as the hub for cocaine cartels. Allegedly, cocaine cartels’ bosses are the forces standing behind a real estate boom in the city. Also, when you are in the city you should beware walking on streets in the night for gangs often rob people. The best is to move on streets where are crowds.

You may visit many museums; see historic landmarks and other tourist attractions. Among museums there are Museum of Medicine, Archeological Cristo de la ConcordiaMuseum or the Museum of Natural History.

Cristo de la Concordia – perhaps you know the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Christ in Cochabamba is bit larger than the one in Brazil and until the year 2010 it was the largest statue of its kind in the world. Then the Polish Christ surpassed it

Plaza 14 de septiembre is considered the center of Cochabamba and it is designed to suit needs of tourists and pedestrians. There are small places where friends meet, or celebrations are held as well as performances of local street artists.

Parque acuático it is a theme park focusing on ecology and water sports in particular. It is popular mostly among kids for its fun rides.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikipedia.org: Jimmy Gilles, propiopropio 2, Dcoetzee, DelGranadoTrabajo propioande 


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