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Brazil, Paraty – Carless

Published: 17.12.2018
Paraty is a beautiful historic city located on the Atlantic coast. Since its inception it has been unique, because it still remains almost the same as in the seventeenth century. To keep this authentic atmosphere, cars are forbidden, making it a special place for walking and exploring.

The village was founded in 1667 around the church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios. Paraty was then economically important due to sugar cane. The name "Paraty" was at some point synonymous with very good sugar cane. In the 18th century, the port of Paraty was an important market for gold and precious stones from the Minas Gerais area to be transported to Portugal. The constant attacks of the pirates hiding on the beaches led to the end of this golden path and the economic isolation of the city. After opening the roads in the 1970s, the city became an attractive place for both Brazilian as well as international tourists.


Paraty   Paraty

The construction of houses and streets in the city was clearly planned and had to be built from east to west and from north to south. All construction was regulated by law, who did not, could pay a fine or go to jail. Most streets of the historic center have two names, one official and the other a traditional one.

Igreja de Santa Rita   Igreja do Rosário e São Benedito

From the monuments in the center we mention, for example, the church of Igreja de Santa Rita, built in 1722, with elements of Baroque style, which currently serve as a museum. The construction of Igreja to Rosario and São Benedito began in 1725 and the church was designed for the slaves who helped to build it. It was rebuilt in 1757 and it is the only church in Paraty, which retains its original gilded altars from the beginning of the last century. There are two more churches in the city - Nossa Senhora das Dores and Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

Nossa Senhora das Dores   Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

In addition to going through the streets of the city and shopping souvenirs, the harbor is also a very nice place to enjoy a cruise and explore the surrounding islands and beaches. The trip is really worth it if the weather is nice, just be careful when you ride a boat can be cold.výlet na moře

The local Praia do Jabaquara beach is particularly nice. It is more like a muddy pond to swim in. So we took the bus to Trindade, which is one of the most popular bathing spots here. The village of Trindade gained attention in the 1960s as a favorite spot for young people to gather. Since then, the interest of tourists has grown. But the area is very busy and at night it lives here. We head to Cachadaço beach, but we are most interested in the "swimming pool" Piscina do Cachadaço which we want to see. Unfortunately, it's just a weekend, crowds crowd, and when we get there, it's overcrowded. Brazilians are also able to enjoy it, so they also pull refrigeration refrigerators and beer barrels.

pláže Trindade   Piscina

Paraty is one of the most beautiful colonial cities we have visited on our annual trip. For relaxing and buying souvenirs before going home it's an ideal place. By bus we take the Sao Paulo to the airport, where we have a long flight back to the Czech Republic.

GPS: 23°13'07.7"S 44°42'46.9"W


Text and photos:Tomáš Novák

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