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Bulgaria – Cape Kaliakra and the Town of Balchik

Published: 1.9.2018
The surroundings of St Constantine and Helene resort is worth your attention. We head north along the Black Sea coastline. Before the town of Kavarna we turn left to the famous Cape Kaliakra (Nos Kaliakra). It is the longest cape in Bulgaria, if nothing else.

Limestone cliffs rise to seventy meters above the sea level and are colored with red-violet layers, which caused the iron content. There is a beautiful view overlooking the sea and a bit of luck can be seen here in the morning and observing dolphines and various species of birds for which the Cape serves as a nesting place in the evening. There are the remains of a fourteenth century castle, a wind farm, a transmitter, a museum and a restaurant. The area around the Cape falls into a protected archaeological reserve. The site is also known for its legend, when, after conquering Osmany Cape, forty girls from this place, as a resurrection of resistance, came from steep rocks into the sea. They took their lives to escape capture. Today, there is a statue dedicated to their monument.

Cape Kaliakra   Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra   Cape Kaliakra

On the same route, we return to our second destination, but before we arrive in the town of Balčik, we build ourselves in one of the local ceramic workshops. Ceramic with its distinctive decoration is very typical for Bulgaria together with roses and their special white yoghurt.

Po stejné trase se vracíme zpět do naší druhé cílové destinace, ale ještě před příjezdem do městečka Balčik se stavujeme v jedné z místních keramických dílen. Keramika se svým charakteristickým zdobením je pro Bulharsko spolu s růžemi a jejich speciálním bílým jogurtem velmi typická.

místní keramická dílna  výroba   místní keramická dílna

The town of Balchik is one of the most beautiful, the third largest Bulgarian port, but visitors here admire the famous castle, which is surrounded by a botanical garden. First we enter the splendid gardens with an area of 6.5 hectares. Located here on 3,000 plant species from around the world, the local cactus garden is even the second largest in Europe. Next to the beach there is a large flower bed, some of which are used for producing rose oil. From the gardens there is also a wonderful view of the sea and you can walk to the castle.

cactus garden

botanical garden botanická zahrada botanical garden botanical garden - vistas

While walking, we admire various waterfalls and architectural features, and we also stop at the taste of Bulgarian wines in the stylish Queen's Winery House. It is also located in the gardens and owns the largest collection of Bulgarian wines (70 000 bottles). Varen ice wine tastes very good, for instance.

Balcik – botanical garden – church   botanical garden - vistas

botanical garden?   botanical garden

Right behind the winery is a white castle, which was built in combination with Moorish, Antic, Gothic and Bulgarian elements for the Romanian Queen Marie. She confessed Baha'is, which proclaims the unification of religion, and therefore her castle is a combination of a minaret and an Orthodox monastery. In the garden around the castle there is, among other things, a Christian church transported here from Crete and Roman summer baths.


Romanian queen's castle   the interior inside Romanian queen's castle

It is a really pleasant diversification of an easy vacation and also a partial escape from stereotypical hotel complexes. Even though the Kaliakra Cape and Balchik are very well-known places, it is really refreshing to explore Bulgaria's historical and natural beauty.

GPS: (Botanic garden) 43°24'15.2"N 28°08'42.7"E


Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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