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Burgenland - Sun Country

Published: 19.4.2010
Sunflowers, sun and relax at the sea-side or in thermal swimming pools - all these expressions are characteristic for east and the third smallest Austrian Federal Country (after capital Vienna and Voralrberg).

Burgenland is situated on surface of 3965 square kilometres, inhabitated with 280 000 people. Despite the fact that Austrian National Anthem mentions the country of mountains and violent rivers (Land der Berge, Land am Strome), Burgenland is an exception. Separate headlands of central Alps have there a face of highlands (Leitha Highland Range, Rosaliengebirge, Gunser Berge). Even waters are represented, instead of rapid mountain rivers, with the second biggest steppe European lake, by Neusiedler Lake - 320 square kilometres. Burgenland Federal Country borders with federal counries of Low Austria (Niederosterreich) and Styria (Steiermark), and with Slovakia. Hungary and Slovenia. The town of Eisenstadt (14000 inhabitants)is an administrative centre of the area.

Except traditional agriculture, the services, first of all tourist activities services, became one of decisive sections of Burgenland´s economy. Nevertheless, main assumption for the development of these key branches, there are incredible nearly 300 days of sunshine in a year, within many years standing average. And where you find enough sunshine, good wine cannot miss, and Burgenland is very rich in this respect, as far as aromatic white or full red wine varieties are concerned, as well as sweet „tsibel wines“. These kinds of wines are growing in total acreage of 14 500 ha of vineyards.

One third of the country is covered with protected nature areas. They are, first of all: six great nature parks (Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge, Rosalia-Kogelberg, Landseer Berge, Geschriebenstein-Irottko, Weinidylle and park of three countries: Raab-Orseg-Goricko). Great hit of last couple of years are thermal and mineral  water springs, where the spas and aquaparks were founded, such as: Stegersbach, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Bad Sauerbrunn, Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau or the latest spa community St.Martins Therme and Lodge , near to Frauenkirchen. Golf players found very suitable conditions in areas of Donnerskirchen, Loipersdorf, Golf and Country Club Bad Tatzmannsdorf or in Thermen Golfanlage Lafnitztal, the greatest Austrian Golf Resort.

The nest of cycling routes reaches the length of 2500 kms. As the speciality, there are more than one thousand of routes, enabling nature horse-riding (even GPS navigation could be a part of facilities of leased horse). Near to Lutzmannsburg Spa, Rolling Area is to be found. Well arranged straight routes are suitable not only for in-line skating, but also for a centre of towing rolls, which are able to lift gliders and rogallos without a need to look for some suitable hill. During past time period, plain table-lands and wide fields are filled in with rotors of air-turbines. This fact confirms the orientation of the country to more ecological energetic balance, but it indicates, on the other hand, that surfers and yacht-sportsmen can fully enjoy their drives on Neusiedler Lake. 

Tourist offer of this Federal Country is added, except nature places of interest, also with historical monuments (such as: museums, skansens, chateaux and especially the castles, which gave the name to the country - Burgenland), connected with many cultural events. Nevertheless, Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) became a musical symbol. He lived in Eisenstadt for forty years. His works are performed there regularly since May till October with leading world artists during concerts in Esterhazy Chateau. Another music composer, Franz Liszt (1811-1886), which was born in the community of Raiding, is remembered during autumn festivals, organized there. Cultural performances, which are more important and surpass regional character, are very popular opera and operetta festivals, are taken place on romantic scene and lake in Morbisch, situated in former St.Margarethen quarry or in Tabor Chateau in Jennersdorf, as well as festivals of modern music (Nova Rock, Jazzfest, Sunsplash).

Text: Jiří Výborný

Source and photo: Burgenland Tourismus (burgenland.info)


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