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China, Haikou – A Trip to a Volcanic Park

Published: 23.11.2020
Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark (雷琼 世界 地质 公园) is the first natural volcanic museum in China and is one of the most interesting destinations on the island of Hainan. On an area of 110 square kilometers you can find over forty craters and caves, which are connected by beautiful gardens. This building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

jeden z ikonických symbolů parku u vstupní brány

The park is located fifteen kilometers from the center of Haikou, from which buses depart (line 37), which will take you directly to the entrance. Prepare approximately eighty crowns for the ride. However, the journey is long and familiar with local transport is really difficult. If more of you travel, order a taxi via the Didi app, which is a local equivalent of Uber. The trip will cost up to three hundred crowns for everyone. At the same time you will have comfort.

jeden ze vstupních kamenů

After paying the entrance fee (170 crowns), you have a several-hour journey decorated with rows of ornamental trees in front of you. Some of them have lived to be more than 500 years old. There will be large palm trees, a cactus garden and a bonsai exhibition. Rich nature, clean air and fresh mountain water create a pleasant climate for relaxation.

zahrada bonsají   zahrada plná mohutných palmových stromů

On your expedition you will walk through a number of old buildings, you will learn interesting information about the geological side of the area. Many of the buildings in the area are built of lava rock, which the volcano spewed out more than 10,000 years ago. It is interesting that the locals still live in these houses.

Po cestě narazíte i na ručně řezané sochy. Kohout symbolizuje pracovitost.   zemědělská oblast

If you have had enough reading, you can go feed the fish and exhale for a while. There are still a lot of stairs waiting for you.

malé jezírko, kde můžete krmit rybky

After overcoming the almost 223-meter elevation gain, you can enjoy the highest view in Haikou. You will find that the adjacent landscape is more like a plain without larger hills. From the top you can see all the way to the other end of the capital, and it is over twenty kilometers away.

výhled z vrcholu sopky

From the top, go straight to the bottom, where you will see extensive crater caves, hidden in the jungle of wild trees. When descending, watch out for slippery narrow stairs. I recommend stronger shoes.

kráter vulkánu

If you don't have a snack with you, don't despair! There is an excellent restaurant where you can taste great homemade food, prepared from local ingredients. There will also be fresh coconut, chopped right in front of you.

I recommend that you schedule the tour well, because the whole park closes at 6 pm. With good planning, you can also come across interesting performances that the park organizes.

GPS: 20°00'57.5"N 110°18'58.8"E


Text and photos: Tomáš Pachman

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