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China, Shanghai – The Rich Center of the East – VIDEO

Published: 26.12.2017
China's largest city has been attracting attention of foreign visitors. In Shanghai you may get a non-visa allowance to enter the city for 144 hours. If you have a transfer flight there, you may visit the city during that. I spend there 17 hours on my way to New Zealand. I don't regret the time spent there.

I took what is the fastest train the world now on my way from the airport. It travels the 40 kilometer long track in 7,5 minutes with the maximal speed up to 431 kilometers per hour. It doesn't ride on rails yet it uses electromagnets which make it basically float in the air. Therefore, it is dubbed Maglev. It spares you a lot of time and the ride itself is a great experience.

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So, what to visit in Shanghai? With its 23 million dwellers, skyscrapers the city is huge and changes fast. Some places in Shanghai make you feel as if you were in Europe, some like you travelled into the future, and in the city center you will get lost in typical Asian streets.

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Zastavte se v zahradách Yuyuan a projděte si chrámové komplexy, které zahrady obklopují. Sice se budete muset prodrat davem turistů a odhánět vlezlé prodejce čehokoliv, i tak ale mohu návštěvu doporučit. V historických centrech všech velkých měst se bohužel záplavě turistů a všem negativním jevům s tím spojených obecně nevyhnete. Pokud to jde, přijeďte brzy ráno či k večeru.

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I highly recommend you to make a trip to Oriental Pearl tower or Shanghai World Financial Center up from which you may enjoy the vista from one of the highest observation platforms in the world at 474 meters.

If you like museums, stop by at Shanghai Museum on People's Square, one of the most important squares in the city. The entrance is free and the display is astonishing.

v ulicích   v ulicích

Had you more time at your hands goto to Jinshan Donglin (金山东林寺), a 700-year Buddhist temple in the south of the city. It is a three-times world record breaker, one of them being the largest ever statue inside a building. Or travel to Zhujiajiao, a historic water city about 40 minutes from Shanghai.


Try local great food and tea. The food is diverse moreover, you may find here any of Chinese cuisines. I recommend you to try at least traditional Xiao Long Bao dumplings and filled "pancakes" Cong You Bing.


There are many things to do in Shanghai. I recommend you to not to skip this city be it on your travels to China or when transfering to another flight – many airliners allow you to prolong your stay there for a day.

GPS: (airport) 31°08'52.7"N 121°48'30.3"E


Text, photos and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: James Joshua Otto

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