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Costa Rica, Golfito – Harbor Town

Published: 10.7.2021
From Panama, we head northwards to neighboring country of Costa Rica. First we choose a flight to the town of David, which is relatively close to the Costa Rica border, and the interstate flights are very convenient. From there we take the bus to the border, the journey with the locals is really cheerful, but we are well on the way - the small port town of Golfito. Just be careful that the customs officers do not forget to stamp your passport, which is a little messy. Otherwise, you will cause many problems. On the border there is a duty-free zone, many locals come here for shopping and there is really a great bustle, at the same time there is a lot of restaurants and various kiosks where you can refresh yourself.

Welcome in Costa Rica

Golfito means a small bay and is a port town located in the province of Puntaneras in southern Costa Rica. The small town is only a narrow strip extending from the shore of Golfo Dulce to a steep hill. North is the duty-free zone (Zona Americana) and the airport, and the shopping area in the south. Most accommodation is located around the harbor. The city was founded thanks to the banana company United Fruit Company, which hat there its regional headquarters from the 1930's till the 1980s. morning vista from Golfitove over opposing islets with beaches

Costa Ricans go to Golfito mainly for convenience shopping. However, tourists choose this city mainly as an ideal transfer point to the Osa Peninsula, where Corcovado National Park is located. A lot of surfers then head for Pavones from here.

It is definitely not worth to stay in Golfito for a long time, but to spend an afternoon or a day there is definitely enjoyable. In addition to the many bars and restaurants there are also nice beaches. However, you have to take a boat out of the port. The journey takes only a few minutes, the islands with the beaches are within sight of Golfito.

beach bars

Beaches around Golfito are mainly visited by locals, there are plenty of stylish bars, hammocks, music and everyone bathes and has fun. It is interesting to note that the classic beach will appear here during low tide, but with the arrival of the tide, it will float all the way through the wooden steps directly from each bar. It is an ideal place for relaxation, because there is the true Costa Rican well-being among the locals. Just beware, a stronger rain shower may arrive in the evening, so it is good to observe the locals.

high tide at the beach   low tide at the beach

The nearby Osa Peninsula can be reached either by air - a small four-seater, which is quite expensive, or again by boat. It sails several times a day from the port of Golfito and heads just like the plane to Puerto Jiménez. In the case of a cruise, it is definitely a good idea to confirm the time with the locals, but as a rule enough, as soon as enough passengers arrive, they leave. Therefore, you can simply come to the harbor in the morning, have a good coffee and breakfast in the small snack area, and so wait for the other passengers. The cruise is cheap, it takes about half an hour and if you are fortunate you could even see dolphins.

GPS: 8°36'15.0"N 83°06'46.1"W


Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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