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Costarica - A Switzerland Of Central America I.

Published: 22.9.2010
Central America is an area of Caribbean Sea, Mexico Bay (however, at present much interfered with petrol spots) and many small states, which are worth to be visited. So, a Costarica belongs to one of them.

The Republic of Costarica is a small montaneous country situated in most narrow place of Central America. In north, the state neighbours with Nicaragua and in south with Panama, whereas it is washed out with two greatest world oceans of the world - from west with Pacific Ocean and from the east with Atlantic Ocean. Total area of the country makes 51000 square kilometres approx., and regarding largeness, it could be compared to Slovakia. San Jose is a capital.

The population makes 4 516 220 persons altogether (2010, according to World Factbook). Most of inhabitants is formed from descendants of Spanish colonists - Creols (more than 80%), the share of negroes and half-breeds forms approx. 10%. The American Indians from nine various ethnic groups form less than 1%. Costarica is the only country of Central America with relatively lowest number of descendents of Indians. Apart of this, you can meet there also small number of Chineses, Europeans and Americans, as well as 30 thousands of foreigners, mainly from Nicaragua and negroes from Caribic.

As far as the political organization is concerned, Costarica is a republic. The President is a head of the state and government, elected for a period of four years. At present, (since 8th May 2010), Mrs. Laura Chinchilla Miranda performs the Presidential Office. One-Chamber Assembly is a legislative authority, consisted of 57 deputies, elected for four years. Last elections were effected in February 2010. The Republic of Costarica is taken for one of most stabil democracies of Latin America.

The country is divided, from administrative point of view, into seven provinces, subsequently sub-divided into cantons and districts:

-  Alajuela

- Cartago,

- Guanacaste,

- Heredia,

 - Limon,

- Puntarenas

- San Jose

A governor presents a representant of central power in the province. On the other hand, the cantons are guided with general public prosecutor´s offices. Regarding the faith: Costarica is a Christian country.

Most important religion groups are as follows:

- Roman Catholics (76,3%)

- Protestants (13,7%) 

- Jehovists (1,3%)

- the osthers (5,5%)

- atheists (3,2%)


Text: Maxim Kucer

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: pruiz, Talavan, Wikipedia.org, Melsen Felipe

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