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CZ, Bohemian Paradise: From Hrubá Skála to Valdštejn II.

Published: 7.4.2013
Hrubá Skála and its vicinity have everything one has sought in locality called Bohemian Paradise from time immemorial. It is a piece of beautiful land, forests, rocks and sights, which looks like they were taken from some fairy tales. A castle on Hrubá Skála is not the only attraction of land of sandstone rocks, a land located between the Region of Liberec, Královehradecký and Středočeský. Turnov is a central city of this area.

We have already read something about the history of the castle on Hrubá Skála. Today we will see some interesting places that are nearby the castle and might be a stop in your trip.

When we speak of Bohemian Paradise we immediately think of its landmark - Trosky gothic castle. Today we won’t explore the castle since it should be an article of its own. We will focus on places you maybe even don’t know but they are worth mentioning.

One of such places is Kopicův homestead by the village of Kacanovy. It is a lonely log homestead built in the 18th century. It is literary a magical rural yard that is appreciated as a model rural construction of the Jizerské Mountains. A log homestead with stables and a courtyard balcony, agricultural buildings and stone gate was also a place of many famous Czech fairy tales such as Nesmrtelná teta, Princ a Večernice, Bajaja, O ztracené lásce series or Prima sezóna by the director Kachyňa. The homestead is a private property so you can admire it only from outside from a blue tourist track, for example. Vojtěch Kopic, a landlord who lived in the years 1909 -1978 was a naïve amateour sculptor known for his epic work of famous Czech figures of the Czech history and myths. The work is called Kopica’s Stone Gallery creating dozens of precise reliefs and various motives such as animals, personalities and buildings.

Only few meters from the homestead there are ruins of Kavčiny castle, which was most likely used as a forward fortification and guarding position of nearby castle of Valdštejn. A really nice place for a short pause on your track!

A title the most beautiful pond of Bohemian Paradise holds Věžák Pond located in the  Podtrosecká údol national reservation. Its ponds are lined with a sandstone rock depicted, as many other places of Bohemian Paradise, in many movies such as Jak dostat tatínka do Polepšovny, Máj, Princ Bajaja and others.

The pond is located on a yellow tourist track Podtrosecká valleys leading to a complex of seven large and small ponds. The most beautiful view over Věžák and nearby Trosky is from a rocky outlook above a dam!   

Our journey across Bohemian Paradise and the area of Hrubá Skála will continue next week and you can look forward to it.  


Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: Wikipedia Commons: Huhulenik,  M.Rejha, archive

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