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CZ, Giant Mountains – Exceptional Mountain Hotel

Published: 11.3.2020
Today we set out to one of the most visited tourist areas in the Czech Republic, the majestic and highest mountains of the country - the Giant Mountains. Our goal will be the largest and oldest mountain cabin of Luční bouda (1410 m above sea level).

As a starting point you can choose either the most visited mountain resort - Špidlerův Mlýn or the town of Pec pod Sněžkou. As it is a border area, ascent is also possible from the Polish side, and from the spa town of Karpacz.


Well-marked trails leading to the cottage is countless. Therefore, it is up to you to choose. The hotel is situated under the peaks of Luční Mountain(1555 m) and Studniční Mountain (1554 m). In its immediate vicinity there are springs of White Elbe or Upa and surrounded by the Krkonoše National Park. It is less than 4 kilometers from the iconic and at the same time the highest peak of the Czech Republic - Sněžka Mountain (1603 m above sea level). During the climb you will certainly find rare peat bogs, several monuments, chapels, waterfalls and other natural sights.

Luční bouda

The history of Luční bouda dates back to the 17th century (1623). Initially a simple hideaway for pilgrims of the Silesian Road, later a cottage serving as a hostel for shepherds, businessmen, landlords and tourists became an important point of the whole area. Over time, it burned down several times. Then it was renewed and extended. It reached its current proportions already in 1914, but due to the events of that time it was destroyed. Its resurrection occurred during World War II, when the German Wehrmacht (Armed Forces of the Third Reich) took care of the reconstruction. The cabin was used by Germans not only for accommodation, but also for various trainings. After the war it was used by the Czechoslovak army, also the Association of Physical Education and since 1990 it was administered by the Club of Czech Tourists. In 1993, the cabinwas bought into private ownership, which remains until today. However, there are still efforts to nationalize this important mountain structure.

Luční bouda

The current appearance of the building with minor renovations dates from 1939 to 1940. On an area of more than 5600 square meters you will find accommodation for 150 people - the quality ranges from luxury to tourist-style quality. There is also a mini-brewery with beer spa and wellness services and a restaurant with home bakery and wine shop. Transport is provided from the car parks by hotel car and quad bike in summer and snowmobile or scooter in winter. In addition to the tourist access to Luční bouda you can also get by bike from the cabin of Výrovka at lower altitude.

okolí Luční boudy

Over time, there was a money-making workshop, a factory producing famous mountain herb cheeses, mountain service, and a museum collection of a prominent geologist, mountaineer and the first Czechoslovak to reach the South Pole - Josef Sekyra. The hotel also served as a meteorological and natural observation post, and even cultural events of relatively large proportions were held here, but they damaged the surrounding nature. Among the rare visitors of the cottage were artists such as Karel Hynek Macha or Quido Manes.

okolí Luční boudy   okolí Luční boudy

We can only recommend a visit to Luční bouda because it offers a great place to relax, many opportunities for undemanding hiking walks, some of the most beautiful sunrise and the unique atmosphere of this amazing mountainous landscape.

GPS: 50°44'05.4"N 15°41'48.2"E


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: HIK, o. z.

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