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CZ: Máj Outlook - A Place Great for Instagram Pics

Published: 27.4.2023
A place popular not only for beautiful views, falls into the box of places "trips around Prague". If you are a little "instafriendly", you have certainly seen the prospect of May with many users. It is one of the most popular and most visited places, mostly people come here in spring, summer, but in the autumn it is beautifully colored and in winter there is also nice, just be careful to slip.

The lookout is one kilometer from the village of Teletín and about 45 km from Prague. Directly in the village is a bus stop - Krňany, Teletín, where you can get from Prague in about an hour. If you go by car, you will meet a small parking lot in front of the village, right by the road, where you leave your car for free and then you will only have a short walk (less than 1 km) across the meadow and forest to the lookout.

Máj Outlook

If you prefer to travel by train, the nearest train station is called Jílové u Prahy and is 12 km from the lookout. So the train is more suitable for people who want to take a good walk or even a smaller hike. Another option is of course a bike trip. Just catch the weather and you can enjoy a beautiful ride around the banks of the Vltava.

Máj Outlook

You will see the Vltava River from the viewpoint. Previously there were the streams of St. John (Svatojánske proudy), which are currently flooded with water from the Štěchovice Dam. St. John's Streams marked the stretch of the Vltava River between Štěchovice and Slapy. It was quite a difficult route for all who wanted to reach the local section by boat, canoe or raft, mainly because of rapids. Construction of the Štěchovice dam began in 1938 and its construction took 6 years. It was built to regulate the outflow of water in the Vltava.

Máj Outlook  

It is one of the most beautiful outlooks over the Vltava River and is certainly worth a visit. However, visitors must be very careful. The view point is on a rock and it is easy to trip or slip. There are no handrails or other safety measures in place. Many visitors descend from the rock a few degrees down for better visibility. The photos take beautiful and enjoy unforgettable views, but they take a big risk.

Máj Outlook

If one lookout is not enough for you. You can take a walk about 1.5 km long and get to the lookout Bednář, from where you will also see the Vltava River and probably not even meet anyone. If you are interested in another walk, you can go 2 km further and find the Teletín Falls. But beware, do not expect any large waterfalls, it is rather a river overflowing rocks.


GPS: 49°49'44.4"N 14°28'03.9"E (car park near the lookout) 

Text: Jitka Kratochvílová

Photos: Wikimedia Commons: Petr1888, Jitka Kratochvílová

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