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CZ, Nature Beauties of the Lanf of Stories II

Published: 29.5.2019
Last week we took you to the Great America quarry, the Macocha Abyss, or the Toulovcovy Maštale. Today we will continue to explore the beautiful natural places of the Czech Republic. Our next stop will be the natural volcanic rarity Soos.

West Bohemian Spas are known for their hot springs, which are the residual manifestations of extinct volcanoes. Thermal springs in Karlovy Vary or Františkovy Lázně are renowned. And just near Františkovy Lázně lies the national nature reserve of Soos. These are extensive peat bogs and moors, where a large amount of mineral springs and pure carbon dioxide in mud volcanoes emerge.

 přírodní rezervace Soos, www.kvpoint.cz - databanka fotografií Karlovarského kraje

The nature trail runs along the bottom of a dry lake that was once full of salt mineral water. And what can you look forward to? An unusual lunar landscape grooved with erosion and covered with both yellow and white layers of precipitated mineral salts. There are several protected animals living in the reserve, and a number of wetland and saltwater plants grow here. However, the reservation is not fully accessible! You can only get to the path a little over a kilometer long, but it certainly pays off because it is a natural unique that you will not find anywhere else..

přírodní rezervace Soos, www.kvpoint.cz - databanka fotografií Karlovarského kraje

Our other recommended place is the protected landscape area of the Jizera Mountains, which is located near the town of Liberec. Thanks to excellent transport accessibility, these mountains are very popular with tourists. However, this is not the only reason, the other is their harsh beauty and many marked hiking and biking trails. For example, we recommend to go to the second highest peak of the mountain range, at Jizera, which has a rock mass visible from afar. From Jizera, you can continue to the water reservoirs Bedřichov or Josefův důl by spruce forests.

Jizerské hory, (c) Jan Strakoš, CzechTourism   Jizerské hory, (c) Milan Drahoňovský, CzechTourism

If you are not mountain lovers, you can visit the remarkable Zbrašov Aragonite Caves. They are located approximately 30 km from Olomouc in the spa town of Teplice nad Bečvou. It is a unique cave system of European importance, created by the interaction of rain and warm mineral waters emerging from great depths in limestone layers.

Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně, (c) studio m-ARK

Aragonite mineral, raft stalagmites and spherical sinter coatings resembling donuts are unique. The lowest levels of caves are permanently filled with unbreathable gas - carbon dioxide. However, you do not have to worry because you will certainly not get there with a guide. In the caves you can also see the bats who winter here.

Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně, (c) Jan Kocian, Olomoucký kraj    Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně, (c) Jan Kocian, Olomoucký kraj

Of course, the land of stories and natural beauties - Czechia - offers many amazing places.

GPS: 49°31'54.4"N 17°44'45.2"E (Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně)


Source: PR, CzechTourism

Photos: Jan Strakoš, CzechTourism (title), (c) hy photos

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