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CZ: Novohradske Mountains: Crossing of Fabulous Mountain Range

Published: 23.12.2013
Today we end our journey across the Novohradske mountains ...

The second highest one thousand

Asi 2 km severně od Pohoří na Sumava leave the cycling route No. 1193 and if we choose the right path further to the north, we will soon reach the tarmac road leading to the top of Myslivna (1040 m). From the rocky granite outcrops on the western side of the peak , we opened a wide view of the landscape of the Novohradske mountains. Directly opposite to the cottage forest governance mouth a little overgrown footpath which protected us through beech forest (PP Myslivna) leading up to the next asphalt road. Then, if you still hold northeastern direction and if we abandon this path after about 7 kilometers we reach the oldest nature reserve in Central Europe, NPR Zofinsky forest . A preseve with 300-400 year old trees, especially beech and spruce trees, was announced for 1838. For obvious reasons, the forest is closed to the public, so that in the ancient history of the forest , we can only look through the slats of a crumbling wooden fence. Along the preserve we walk around and soon we reach Zofin originally a noble residence and the hunting lodge. Today we are content with "only" a modern guest house and restaurant , which actually after a long march comes in handy.

Ruina barokního kostela v Pohoří na Šumavě

The third highest thousand

From Zofin we head to Vysoka (1034 m), the third highest peak of the Novohradske mountains and in the Czech Republic. We can choose to either move along the road to Hojna Voda and from local marking on top of or, if we do not want to lose height, we may walk around the hill Tocnik . The paved road there cuts into the western and northern slopes. In this case, we follow the Zofin green tourist trail, which after about 3 km we leave behind their backs (turns down the Cerne Udoli, while we continue along the contour). Then use our unique sense of direction until nenapojíme local signs, red circle of Hojna Voda to the peak of Vysoka. After this hike romantic soul never refuse a night under the stars on a makeshift encampment in peak rocks. Who does not want to be disturbed by noise brisk wind in the tops of spruce trees and chimneys granite rocks, no problems will find comfortable accommodation in one of the many guest houses in Hojna Voda.

Domek lesní správy na vrcholu Myslivny

Day three

The way from Hojna Voda

Even at dawn we set off from the top of a high rocky slopes of the local signs to abundant waters. Those fittest of us before the descent to Dobra voda may still come across Kravi hora (953 m), the forested peak with high observation tower offering distant views. We descend to Dobra voda either along the road or the green and then red tourist trail.

Rozhled z Myslivny

Dobra voda is famous not only abundant source of refreshing drinking water, but also the dominant structure of the pilgrimage church of Our Lady of Good Council. Unlike the ruins of the church in the Sumava Mountains, it grows into the landscape in all its Baroque splendor, and has been since the early 18th century. During the descent to Horn Stropnice . It will still have a back like a silent guardian the foothills of the Novohradske Mountains. The red trail arrives in New Castle, along the road, do not forget NPP Tercino Valley . A picturesque valley full of exotic trees and interesting buildings is the fault of the meanders of the river Stropnice. In Nove Hrady we can visit a national cultural monument Nove Hrady state castle or the monastery of Mercy Nove Hrady . The city is good to leave by the bus because walking path leads to the railway station, 5 km along the main road, and therefore is quite unpleasant. It would be a tremendous shame to spoil follows the end of our almost 80 kilometers long and undoubtedly great tour across one of the most beautiful mountains in the Czech Republic!

Kříž na vrcholu Vysoké

Text/photo: Blanka Pechačová

Other photos from the Novohradske Mountains crossing you can find HERE.

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