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CZ: Prague Bridges IV. - Railway Bridge

Published: 3.2.2012
How did they construct the iron structure standing under Vyšehrad? Railway bridge (sometimes called a "Vyšehradský") is the fourth bridge over the Vltava river in Prague. It connects the banks of the Vltava near Výtoň under Vyšehrad and Smíchov district.

The first railway bridge belonged to the Prague Junction Railway, linking the railway station when Francis Joseph (now Main), the West Station (now Smíchov). The bridge was built already in 1871 the German company Harkort of Duisburg. It was a one-track steel bridge of special iron with a span of 56,9 m, lattice, tri-band, had 8 segmental arches and 5 fields, the total length of 196.3 meters. At first used only for freight, passenger service was started in 1888. This bridge served only 30 years because it did not satisfy the high demands on transport.

In 1901 began construction of a new, more modern bridge. On the construction time is accounted for Czech companies - Czech bridge company of Prášil brothers, the first Czech-Moravian and Prague stock engineering mechanical engineering company. The design work involved with Mr. John Kolar. In the riverbed was built new pillars, trusses were assembled on the auxiliary structure next to the original bridge. The actual conversion took place just 36 hours, which at that time meant a sensation, Old bridge structure was moved to the ready and dismantling scaffolding in its place was inserted a new design ready for the nearby scaffolding. The new bridge was made from special iron, had three fields, each of them had a range of 72 meters and weighed 560 tons. Width of the bridge is 8,1 m, on both sides of the sidewalks for pedestrians with a width of 1,8 meters. The bridge is 298,4 meters, the bridge is used for rail transport and for pedestrians. The reconstruction watched many locals already the next day across the bridge again rode trains and was not interrupted or water transport. Scene of exchange the bridge is described in the story “Circle” from the collection Suburb stories from František Langer.

The bridge had to be repaired many times and needed new paint. Even the floods in 2002, the passers-by can refresh the stand, which was located at the foot of the bridge. The railway bridge is very busy today, because you use the suburban train lines that connect through it Úvaly with Beroun.

Recently, people are considering about the construction of an entirely new bridge, because the old railway bridge ceases to meet the requirements of modern times. It is planned that the new bridge will be used by trains, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. The new project involved two studies - the first is expected that the railway will lead from the ground and in the second is taken to maintain the current appearance of the bridge, but to build on both sides of the railway roadway for cars. More likely is the second variant, because the first is too demanding on space and road bridge bearings would fall below the level of hundred of water.

Text/foto: Maxim Kucer

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