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CZ: Prague Bridges VII. - Štefánik Bridge

Published: 24.2.2012
Today we will describe you one of the youngest Prague bridges.

Stefanik's bridgeŠtefánik bridge is one of the youngest Prague bridges. In 1951, when its construction was completed, replaced the original iron chain bridge of Emperor Franz Joseph I, which stood there since 1868. It cost approximately 650 thousand Gold, and then consecrated him Archbishop Prince Friedrich Schwarzenberg. For the old bridge, which was 150 meters long and 9, 7 meters wide, Eliska's nickname stuck, though was never officially named.

The bridge was formed by girder, which was suspended on chains that result in high iron gates. About the image cared two English men - Rowland Mason Ordish and Le Feuvre, which was signed on its appearance, which is in the style of Tudor Gothic. Building construction, however, Stefanik's bridgewas in responsibility of engineer Schön. All iron construction made Bridgeworks established by Englishman Roustonem and this was their first business in Bohemia. In 1898 there was a reinforcement of the bridge, the chains were replaced by ropes and also rail transport began to work, which was at first represented by the com. After the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, the bridge was renamed and got a name that today bears his successor - Štefánik. Most, however, had to suffer from a rapid increase in traffic when it began to run both cars and trams. But the construction wasn’t strong enough, so from 1930s resistant of 20 century wereStefanik's bridge not allowed to drive in the trucks. Finally, the bridge was in 1941 completely closed to traffic. Besides him in the mean time, there grew makeshift wooden bridge, where the trams could run. In 1946 - 1947 was dismantled and some of its most valuable parts were entrusted to the National Technical Museum.

In 1949 began the construction of new reinforced concrete bridge, which is with guiding ramps measuring 263 meters and its arch span is between 59-65 meters. As the traffic load continued to grow, it turned out that even the new bridge is not capable of managing it, and soon threatened to be like his Stefanik's bridgepredecessor closed because the road was bumpy and twisted rails. The building also badly suffered from the floods in 2002, and after had to be reconstructed.

Our series about a few bridges in Prague has come to an end.

Vltava in Prague is still criss-crossed by several bridges, and for completeness, here they are:


Barrandov bridge: an inherent part of the South Junction and important traffic artery, which was completed in 1988. The total length is 350 m and maximum width to 50 meters.Stefanik's bridge


Branik railway viaduct: it is called the bridge of intelligence, because it worked for many people with academic degrees. 910 meters long and 14 m wide building was completed in 1955.


Most Barikádníků (Barricaders bridge):  it was made as an extension of the original reinforced concrete bridge and had to be shipped in the North-South Highway. The project had charge of Karel Dobrovský and architect Jiří Trnka.


Race of Peace brigde: bridge is formed by a single central arch, which has a span of 75 meters. It is 12, 5 meters wide and 200 meters long and the author of the project was John Tvrzník.


Negrelli viaduct: now the second oldest standing bridge across the Vltava River in Prague was completed in 1850 and at that time was the largest railway construction in Europe. Its length was 1130 and width of 7, 5 meters.


Tramway bridge in Troy: it was built in 1977. The bridge consists of six fields and its length is 250 meters.


Troy bridge: bridge was inaugurated in 1984. Total length of bridge is 256 meters and width of 3, 5 meters.


Charles Bridge: more in our article.

Text and photo: Maxim Kucer

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