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CZ: Prague - Vysehrad - Buildings And Monuments

Published: 23.3.2012
Vysehrad complex includes many buildings and monuments.

VyšehradFrom Pankrac you can enter the Vysehrad through the Tábor gate, built in 1655-1656 as part of the fortifications of Prague. Near her in the street are the remains of the fort gate gothic tip from the mid 14th century, which was demolished in the late 17th century. In the past served as a transit gate strength and currently houses the information centre. In the same street in a classical building is located Jedlička Institute serves as a center for disabled children, which was founded in 1912-1913 by a doctor and R. Jedlička House Biliánové Cinderella, writer and patriot (1862-1941), who became famous collection of legends " The mysteries of Prague's reputation ", which forms a substantial part of the legends and rumors of Vysehrad.

Near the house of Cinderella Biliánová stands Leopold´s Gate, which is considered the most beautiful baroque gate preserved fortifications of Prague. It was built Vyšehradbetween 1653 and 1672 by the architect Carlo Lurago and author of its decoration was Giovanni Battista Alli.

Behind the Leopold's gate the street V pevnosti turns right and on the left Sobeslav Street starts. If you go further down the street at Fortress, on the corner with the street can be found to the rotunda of St. Martin in the second half of the 11th century, which is one of the most important and oldest Romanesque buildings in our country. Nearby is Calvary (plague column), which was probably built before the 1685th Represents a cylindrical column with a mantelpiece bearing prismatic head with a stone chapel roof. After the sides are placed glass mosaics withVyšehrad portraits of Czech patrons and on top of a metal roof is gilded cross. Nearby is the former church of St beheading. John the Baptist, preserved from the High Middle Ages, which was destroyed during the conversion of a Baroque fortress Vysehrad. The remains of the church are hidden in the embankment fortification between bastions St. Rocha and Leopold, the Baroque chapel of the Virgin Mary Šancovské.

Another object is Gorlice underground hall, which served as a gathering troops, ammunition and food store. In modern history served as well as a bomb shelter and vegetables store. There are 6 original statues from Charles Bridge.

Na konci ulice V Pevnosti se nachází casemates, představující chodby v pevnostních valech a sloužící pro soustředění vojska a jeho přesun. Vchod do Kasemat lze najít Vyšehradod Cihelné brány. Kasematy, které jsou dlouhé téměř 1 km, se rozkládají po obou stranách brány, pravá část chodeb ústí do podzemního sálu Gorlice. Chodby mají výšku 2 metry a šířku 1,5 metru.

At the end of the street V pevnosti you can find casemates in the ramparts of strength and concentration used for troops and their transfer. The entrance to the casemates can be found from the brick gate. Kasematy, which is almost 1 km long, are situated on both sides of the gate, right side of the mouth of the underground corridors of the hall Gorlice. Corridors have a height of 2 meters and a width of 1.5 meters.

North Gate Brick is the youngest surviving Vysehrad gate. It leads to Otakar street and is built in the Empire style in the period 1841-1842 at theVyšehrad direction of governor K. Chotek Prague designed by J. Weiss. Its predecessor was the gate of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages, probably standing on the left (when viewed from the fort) from the existing gate. At present, there is opened a permanent exhibition presenting the historical development of strength in the context of the history of Vysehrad Prague fortification system.

Text/photo: Maxim Kucer

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