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Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Parka - Turkey

Published: 28.11.2009
Most of tourists arrive to Turkey, in order to visit predominantly the places of interest, such as Istanbul, Efes, mythical Troya, Pamukkale or Cappadokia, but hardly anybody could admire nice, and really fascinating milleu of Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Park.

This place is quite known but indicated for rather mostly enthusiastic travellers, who still are looking for virgin countrysides, not tought with cilivitzation hand.

Dilek Park is situated on peninsula of the same name. It has the extention of 27675 ha, running out Egeyan Sea, not far distant from Samos Island. And as it is a custom in Turkey, great part of this park is occupied with military space, where the entrance for puZeus caveblic is not allowed. Nevertheless, this situation does not change the fact that even this small section, accessible for tourists, could fully delight, with its snug corners and marvellous country relief, such enthusiastic (passionate) travellers.

If you start your excursion from small town of Guzelcamli (Nice Place in translation), you can turn aside to the left, in front of the entrance gate, and do a walk toward Zeus Cave, the place, full of myths. According to the legend, this cave was refuge of Zeus, Lord of all Lords. To tell the truth, Zeus often made full use of this place or resort, especially in moments of disputes with his brother, Poseidon. At present, this mythic place is visited by enthusiastic travellers and tourists, who go here, not only to have a bath but also to have a drink here! The water in cave comes partially from mountain karst springs, and partially from Mediterranean Sea. This fact brings its mineral character as well as its specifical temperature, offering the cool in summer and warm in winter!

After return on main road, you can continue ahead and enter the gate. Nevertheless, you have to pay the ticket at first (the entrance costs CZK 40,- approx.). Asphalted road, which leads Dilek Parkalong the whole coast of Egeyan Sea, does not indicate at all, that this could be nature reservation. This fact is drawn vast mixed forests in the neighbourhood, and first of all, quite often grunting of wild pigs, who could be found everywhere. When you have good luck, you can see even wild horses. They use local afforested copse as not only their refuge but also as a simple place for getting their food (nourishment). Dilek Park is also a home of wild beasts of pray. Anatolyan leopard, lynx or even jackal belong to them. Anyway, you can watch also many rare sorts of birds, including Dalmatian pelican or pygmee cormorants.

This area is very interesting, also thanks to its flora.You can find here snowball tree, appearing on very few places in Turkey. Nevertheless, you meet here Anatolyan chestnut-trees, which are typical for forests of North Anatolya. Moreover, you can see here oaks, juniper-trees, cypresses, and other interesting woods, spreaded in form of small forests. Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Park was declared as Biogenetical Reservation, thanks to its unique variety of plants.


Immediately behind the entrance gate, you can pass, on your right part, the first sandy beach - Itsmeler. When you walk the first kilometres ahead, you pass the second beach, this time created with pebbles - it is Aydinlik Koyu. And this is very good opportunity to go down and order something good food in kiosk, in order to be fit before difficult climbing. Not far from here, you come to the way, marked with sign Canyon. So, from here, steep mounting is starting, up to the top of mountain range, situated in east direction from Dilek Tepesi Mountain (1237 m). Within mounting, you pass several fountains, reminding concrete water basins. In some sections, where the high trees do not protect the view, you can see Greek Island of Samos, situated not far from here. From the top, you can enjoy marvellous view towards historical village of Eskidoganbey and the opposite coast, as you followed the whole way before.


Ancient small village of Eskidoganbey, in past known as Domatia, was inhabitated with Greeks. Later, since 1924, it was colonized by Turks. However, they left this place later. So, at present, the village is used as Open Air Museum, being a typical example of Greek as well as Turkish architecture. The village involves several original houses. Tourist Information Centre belongs to them, including near chapel and church. So, with museum-sightseeing , following way of life of past civilizations, you can finish your excursion to Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Park.

Text/photo: Romana Mošnová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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