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Excursion in Novohradské mountains

Published: 29.3.2008
Novohradské Mountains are less known to public but despite this fact they are nice and romantique, these deserted mountains in eastern direction from Bohemian Forest.

As an example serves the community of Pohoří na Šumavě. It is again discovered village situated on Bohemian-Austrian border. Frankly speaking, holiday resorts are missing here, especially at Bohemian part. In Austria, we can find several ski-towages near to Karlstift and Harmanschlag. As to its extension, these are small mountains, moreover, greater part is placed in Austria. In spite of this fact, you find here 18 peaks exceeding 1000 m, 4 of them are placed in Bohemia. The highest peak is Kamenec - 1072 m. Novohradské mountains are bordered with Malše-river on west, whereas on eastern part  pass to Lužnice-river (it springs here), in southern direction  stretches down to Danube-river, to the north, pass consequently to Budějovice or Třeboň basin.

From tourist point of view, there are not discovered areas, where you can feel - it does not depend, of you walk on foot, on bicycle or in ski in winter - fantastic alone. However, as each mountains, they have, together with weather, its rough face, so also here you can freeze to death.

Novohradské Mountains are interweaved with nest of paths and ways, connecting in deep forests mountain valleys with brooks and small rivers. You find here small water reservoirs, the function of which was wood-rafting in past. Whole area is united with a name of Buquoy. It was French  Count Parentage, which obtained  this dominion during 30-years war. Its centre is the town of Nové Hrady with old and new castle, constructed by Buquoys. An excursion circle is formed with  Theresa Valley with artificial waterfall and a stronghold of Cuknštejn, arranged in to romantique form by Theresa of Buquoy.

If we start our excursion from Nové Hrady along the border in south direction, we mount slowly into the mountains. The path does not guide through forests (it is here more frequent), so we wander across mountain meadows, which are fantastic covered with snow in winter. During year´s season, the meadows serve as pasture-land.

We mount to monastery in Dobrá Voda. Local spring, flowing in front of the church, can heal not only your eyes, provided you rub your eyes. Not far from here, you find Hojná Voda, (also here was to be found healing spring) and Hojná Voda-virgin forest, the oldest  nature reservation, founded by Buquoy, today written in UNESCO heritage survey.

Not far from here, you can visit Sophia-virgin forest, however, it is impossible to enter, as it is deer-park at present. Walking ahead in direction to Pohoří na Šumavě, we enter the mountains. Novohradské Mountains are spring area of many brooks. Lužnice-river sources here, in Austrian part, but the brook returns to Bohemia shortly. From here flows Pohořský brook, Černá-river and Malše-river. These small rivers were used in 18th century to wood-rafting, so there were built several reservoirs, by means of these the wood were  flushed down to the valley. Well known is those of Zlatá Ktiš on Černá-river (it was tore through by flooding in 2002, anyway, now repaired). The bed of Pohořský brook was completely covered with wood. These artificial wooden weirs helped for navigation of one meter long pieces of wood round timber.

In deepest  forests - on the state border - we find a unique thing (from maps-marking point of view at least). It is a ruin of a pub, (you read well, not castle-ruin, but pub-ruin!) situated on Austrian part. Along Pohořský brook and Černá-river, you follow tourist trails to second centre of the area - Benešov nad Černou. You find here suitable accommodation but you can find it in all small villages and communities, romantique and style.

After a period when the crossing to neighbouring Austria is no problem, this area becomes more interesting as many places, hardly accessible in past, are now open for everybody.

Text: Vojta Jančar



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