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Finland: Rovaniemi – Gate to Lapland I

Published: 12.1.2022
You can get easily to Rovaniemi just like to other larger Finnish cities by plane. From the airport you can get to the city by regular public transportation. If you don’t mind long travelling you can get to Rovaniemi by train as well.

From Helsinki to Rovaniemi there go several trains a day. Some of them are even direct lines. Keep in mind that you will spend at least eleven hours in train. From the train station located about ten minutes by walk. If there is frosty weather, as it is usual in Rovaniemi, you can travel by bus

Rovaniemi - centrum mesta

Rovaniemi is not large and the city center you cna handle without problems on foot. It is interesting that the city streets are molded into the shape of reindeer antlers. This work is responsible for probably the most famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto . Although designed the shape of the city, the building itself is already so much a part. The only structure that is his work, is building Lappia standing near the train station. The building serves as a cultural center and includes a theater, concert hall or library. At the time of our visit, however, Lappium was undergoing renovations. We looked at him, then just went outside and towards the & nbsp; river. If you go this way and you will encounter Lutheran Church Seurakunta , built in 1950. Then you can continue along the river Lainas to the city center. Walk along the river is very pleasant and offer you a view of one of the symbols of Rovaniemi, bridge Ounasvaara.

Rovaniemi - Lappium

In the center of town but do not expect anything spectacular. There is only a small square with a few stalls that will especially delight fans of heavy metal. The square is named after the famous Finnish band Lordi there is even hanging plate with handprints band members. If you wait, however, that you can feel the magic in the Arctic north and Sami culture, you'll probably be disappointed. The city center has more commercial character and is filled with many modern shops.

Rovaniemi - luteransky kostel

If you wish for a moment to enjoy the feeling that you are in the heart of Lapland, you can go to some of the typical restaurants offering authentic traditional atmosphere and delicious dishes.

Rovaniemi - laponska restaurace

Even better way to pass on to the real Lapland, a visit Arktikum . This impressive glass building, located in the northern part of the city, serves as a museum dedicated to the history and present of Lapland. The basic fee is 15 euros you can learn a lot about Sami culture and the difficult life of the Arctic north.

Rovaniemi - Arktikum - ukazatel

The big attraction for many tourists who come to Rovaniemi, however, is lies a few miles away. But we will tell you about it in another article.


GPS: 66°30'25.0"N 25°43'33.6"E

Text/photo: PhDr. Josef Levý

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