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France: Climbing Mont Blanc III

Published: 4.8.2021
We are on the top of Europe, on the top of Mount Mont Blanc. In case of normal hikes, the top spot is a place where one can sit, rest and enjoy the view of the surroundings, it really is not possible on the summit covered in. Here you will only hold out for a while, because it is too cold. At the same time, one realizes how tired he is and knows how far back he is and how certain sections are dangerous.

Your way back can be even worse for permanent headache due to altitude and poor drinking routine. An iont drink is too cold and the tea takes a long time. A Vallot can can  help you once again, where you can hide from the wind and calm down. But in a moment you need to move again.

the new cabin of Gouter

The way back on the snow was difficult due to the dense fog that sat up to an altitude of 4,000 m above sea level. We couldn't see the way as the snow flies with the fog, eyes are very tired from the search for crampons. We tried to enjoy the last few moments in the snow, but we were very glad we could take the crampons off and step on the hard ground. Well hard, that's somewhat strong word.

a place to remove your crampons   okraj sněhové čepice

For me, the most difficult part was only ahead of us. The balance was significantly weakened, the body very tired, and the expedition boots are really bad on the stones. The stretch of the road that made me entertained the day before was a nightmare now. Even with the maximum concentration on each step, I was afraid of the imminent danger that could have come at any time during the last two hours of the trip. We then recognized that this stretch of road, where dozens of people die annually, is really terribly dangerous precisely because you say that it is almost over and without concentration hurries down. I really enjoy adrenaline, dangerous roads and sports really, but that was too much for me. I have never experienced the feeling that my body does not want to move at all.

Base Camp

Everything went well and after 13.5 hours of continuous walk we sat next to the tent and remained so for 15 minutes. Suddenly, it was like a beautiful dream, as we were tired from the high altitude. You are sitting in the sunshine between the piles of stones, while a few hours ago you stood in a thick fog somewhere and the wind was blowing. It's a great feeling to make it and be safe. The next day, I was very surprised to see that nothing particular was of great concern to us. We packed things and walked back to the train with full backpacks.

a way to train station   good weather forecast means crowds climbing up the mountain

It's an emotional experience. The output is physically and psychologically very demanding, it's really not easy. However, anyone who is accustomed to physical activity can make it, as the trail follows a beaten path which is easy to follow in good weather. You do not have to wait for a stretch where you have to crawl with an ice axe. Surely go out as soon as possible, or go to Gouter cabin, then it's easier to hike. Although we were convinced that we would never climb such a summit, we had already figured out where we'd take our ice axe next time. If you go out, perhaps you will have beautiful memories.

sunset watche from the camp

GPS: 45°49'58.9"N 6°51'57.3"E

Text and photos: Martina Brožková

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