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France: Hérault Departement – Montpellier

Published: 17.2.2017
When you walk in the historic center notice street art. Unlike other cities, it is without any political message which makes it rather pleasant and merry. Don't be surprised to see a panda drawing two revolwers, or half of a bicycle in a wall.


Four kilometers to the north of the city, there is France's – Montpellier Parc Zoologique It covers are of 60 hectares (the Prague zoo has 2 hectares less). It is a safari park so it means that animals move freely here. It is free of charge. The only part for which you need to pay is Serre Amazonienne – a huge greenhouse which imitates tropical rainforest environment. There live piranhas, aligators and reptiles.

the entrance of the Montpellier zoo

Jardin des Plantes is local botanical garden and aboretum. It was founded in the late 16th century which makes it the oldest botanical garden in France. It is free of charge as well. There are over 2.5 thousand plant species including hundreds of healing herbs typical for the Mediterranean region.

Jardin des Plantes

So we get further from the city center one more time. We take a quic
Château de Flaugerguesk detour toChâteau de Flaugergues. It is one of the luxurious residencies (tzv. follies) used by the nobility of Montpellier as their second residence during the ancient regime. The chateau was not particularly extraordinar compared to others. However, today it is extraordinary because it is the most original one. The visitors love its garden, and interior large share of which consists of a massive staircase.

Zajímavou atrakcí je i Aquarium Mare Nostrum is another interesting attraction. There live over 400 species native to the sea and ocean. Some exhibits are interactive - deep water submarine or a storm. It takes two and a half hours to walk it through and the cost is 15 euro for adult tickets and 10 for children (5 to 12 years of age). The aquarium is reachable by car or public transportation.

Aquarium Mare Nostrum

If you have still enough time, you need to visit Montpellier flea market which takes place every Sunday. You can get there by taking travelling to the terminal of the tram lines 1 and 3. As at any flea market - you find there everything - bikes (very popular in Montpellier), clothes, kitchen accessories, or individual shoes, microwave doors, simply anything you can thing of. Even you are not going to buy there anything the market is great fun.


Also, be sure to visit beaches situated near Montpellier.

GPS: (letiště) 43°34'46.6"N 3°57'49.9"E


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photos: Wikipedia.org, Wikivoyage.org: Mikani, Jeanaux, Mc2416, Esby, Vpe


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