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From Prague To Atlantic Coasts III.

Published: 27.11.2010
The Second Day (Tuesday) - Still in France

In the morning, we packed our tent, ate something from home stocks, and continued the drive - direction Spain. Frankly speaking, we mentioned honourably the utility of GPS navigation system, which was useful with its function „to avoid all roads where the toll is to be paid“. After an experience from yesterday, when we were forced to pay a toll amounting to EUR 17, (within several minutes lasting drive on highway), we found that it would be more economical for us not to go on highways. The journey will be longer but, on the other hand, we had the possibility to be better acquainted with picturesque French countryside. And really, we passed along many beautiful gardens, luxurious small castles, gradual fields, where the herds of pasturing sheep and cows were moving, and we did not missed to follow many vineyards, where new crop of future sweet wine liquids were matured. So, in general, we were perfectly lulled with tedious idyll of south France. Moreover, we had good luck to see and admire famous Viaduct de Millau – the highest bridge of the world, open for traffic in December 2004.

So, we drove ahead the whole day in this way. The more we came near to south-west France and the Mediterranean, the more we noticed how slowly the architecture is changing, first of all Viaduct de Milaumade from massif stone buildings, into light and airy littoral homes (haciendas). And, the sun was more growing, of course. Nevertheless, the evening came, and it was necessary to look for the accommodation. We thought that we could try, for this time, to find some small hostel, offering suitable price for us. However, the first one we passed, (the GPS navigation advised us) was absolutely unacceptable with its unit price of EUR 70 per double bed and night. And our choice was evident: Francewe have to overnight in camping again! Anyway, it was rather difficult to find one. After one hour drive, we found two camps, but the prices were too expensive, so we were forced to look for another alternative. However, the darkness came inexorably, and an exhaustion was evident too, after day´s journey. So, we decided to find someting in Beziers, small French town (70 thousands of inhabitants), situated close to highway A9, in 50 kilometres´ distance from Montpellier, administrative centre of Languedoc-Roussillon Region. And finally, we managed to find Motel Formula 1!

However, we were forced to wait for couple of minutes, when a receptionist concluded his phone-call, when we got the room, and manifested our satisfaction with the accommodation for reasonable rate (EUR 45 including breakfast for two persons). So, we can fully recommend you such experience, provided you do not know this motel nest. Later, in Spain, we tried to look for the same type of hotels, and were always satisfied. To tell the truth, the rooms are small, with wash-stand only, but they are equipped with air-condition and TV-set. The toilets and shower corners are common, nevertheless, they are always clean, and also the quality of breakfast was O.K. (EUR 3 for one person). If you wish to get more information about Formula 1 Motels, or if you would like to reserve the respective accommodation in advance, would you consult: http://www.hotelf1.com. Wishing that next day we finally will be in sunny Spain, we went to bed, totally exhausted.

Next chapter: Spain at last!


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