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From Prague To Atlantic Coasts IX.

Published: 15.1.2011
The arrival to magic Granada and our first meeting with Alhambra - historical jewel of the town.

8th Day (Monday) - In Magic Power of Granada Night

We got up at eight o´clock a. m. To tell the truth, we slept very well after yesterday´s soccer evening, full of enthusiasm. On that day, the transfer to Granada expected for us. We have heard a lot of fame about this town, before we left, so that it seemed to be rather difficult to distingush all positive impressions, we obtained.

So, we stated the necessary data to GPS navigation, packed our belongings, put it into the car and entered the air-conditioned space of the vehicle. Moreover, we took full reservoir with petrol (for wonderful unit price amounting to EUR 1,07 per one liter), bought a couple of yoghurts, bananas, sweet pastry, musli and milk. Anyway, this last item must be consumed as soon as possible, in order not to turn sour under heat attack. We were glad that the road in direction to Granada was, with the exception of several motor vehicles and lorries, free of traffic.We were pleased to follow, in the course of rather monotonous drive, how the countryside around changed. We saw more hills but the green covering disappeared, changing into semideserted surface.

When we finally arrived to Granada, the air-condition was switched off, and the windows pulled down, in order to enjoy a little of fresh air. However, when everything was open, we felt immediately an impression, if somebody hit us by the hammer. So, the wave of terrible heat and closeness must be cut by operation that car windows had to be pulled out. We noticed that digital thermometer, placed at one column, presented two data: 17,09 o´clock and 39 °C!!! In such case, we could not imagine, how our walk would look like next day at noon!

The streets of Granada are narrow and winding. Anyway, after some minutes of drive, we managed to park our vehicles in historical nucleus, even close to Capilla Real. We were satisfied as local police station was placed nearby, so, we got the opinion that our car would be in safety place.

So, we get off, in front of burning heat, under shadows of narrow streets and did our best to find the most suitable accommodation. And finally, we found our refuge in next street - Cuesta de Gomerez, which, as we found later, was leading directly to the park and Alhambra complex. One beloved old lady welcome us at the entrance of small hostel, (capacity of five rooms), informing us about the price: EUR 27 for double bed per one night. We were very enthusiastic of such fact and found that  we were the only guests in this mini-hostel! So, after taking shower-recreation and relax in pleasant freshness of the room, we studied a map, obtained in the information centre, thinking over which sightseeings are necessary to be visited.

Sunny shine grew weak, so, it was the right time to go out. We started to enjoy fully a walk throughout Granada and agreed on a fact that Granada would be probably the most beautiful town, we visited during our journey up to now. All small streets radiated contagious historical atmosphere. So, in one of important local square - Plaza Nueva - we terminated all our positive impressions with kebab menu and soft drinks. Apart of this, we bought two cigars  and several picture postcards, relaxing there, listening to live African music, presented on the street by a group of negroes. We were rather surprised with a fact that in city centre of this two-hundred thousand town, such snug corner could be found, where nearly anybody could be met. Nevertheless, we decided that we must have a look at Alhambra, before sunset came. We walked upstairs throughout nice park, full of fountains, and found upstairs, that guided sightseeings were over, but the citatdel surroundings could be looked at any time. From the fortifications, the outlook was really wonderful, despite that fact that the visibility became worse, when the evening came. On the other hand, this walk was rather advantageous, as we were not forced to squeeze through crowds of tourists.

When we returned to the hostel, lady manager (she spoke English very well) switched on the air-condition. So, we fell asleep with an expectation for tomorrow´s town sightseeing. The only matter we are afraid of: the terrible heat again which could be expected the next day!

Next chapter: Granada Sightseeings


Text/foto: Maxim Kucer & Jakub Štantejský

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš




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