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From Prague To Atlantic Coasts VI.

Published: 18.12.2010
The 5th Day (Friday) - A Walk Throughout Barcelona - For the Second Time

After yesterday´s marathon, we decided to have a rest, in order to fill up our forces. The breakfast was not ordered, so, we had to be satisfied with stocks from previous shopping, it was fruit and cakes. This was not too opulent refreshment but, despite this fact, we went out fresh, with a goal to visit all Barcelona sightessings. So, as the first point, it was Pablo Picasso Museum which we looked forward to see. Outside, the sun was fully shining again, we were not accustomed to to such way of suffering. On train stop to city centre we bought one-way ticket, again in direction to Passeig de Gracia, and from there we continued on foot. We passed again through famous La Rambla Street. From there, in direction to the sea embarkment, we turned aside narrow streets, hoping that we would reach Picasso Museum soon. Anyway, we were surprised with its extensiveness. The museum is placed in five palaces and houses, in narrow Carrer de Montcada. We passed street seller of toys (he tried to drive our attention fo funky melodies) and reached the entrance, wher little queue was formed. The entrance ticket costs EUR 10 (reduced ticket costs EUR 8) but your opinion would be, for sure, that your money were not spent unnecessarily. In general, the exposition is phantastic. The Museum could be proud on fact that collection of 3800 of valuable subjects, as a section of artist´s creation, is assembled there. Nevertheless, it was a pity, that taking of photos was not permitted. Anyway, when your sightseeing would be terminated, you can buy some souvenirs in museum shop.

In the meanime, the sun crossed the zenith, and our stomachs gave us to understand that lunch time was arriving. We walked throughout streets in order to find some restaurant, acceptable, first of all, from price point of view (price limit up to EUR 10 for one person), however, we were not too successfull in this respect. Nevertheless, we finally found WOK inscrpition, attractive point for us. We were informed at the entrance that it was Japanese buffet, offering the meals for unit price of EUR 9 (with a system, eat what you can!). So, we did not hesitated, entered there and enjoyed marvellous lunch. On base of our own experience, we recommend you to taste it, as choice of meals is really variagated - from sushi, raw meat, sea fish, up to ice-cream, pudding and fruits.

We continued our walking in direction to Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Its construction was rather hidden, owing to close buildings around. We passed the houses, where Catalunyan flags were hung out. And suddenly, the Cathedral appeared in front of our eyes, and we could not believe it. The majestic towers are rising high into sky. The queues of impatient tourists were waiting for the entry.

We paid the ticket amounting to EUR 10 per one person, and finally, we were aloowed to enter inside this monumental cathedral. Its actual face was created by Mr. Gaudi. This architect-artist had not only a liking for its greatness but also to details or references to the Bible (the interior is full of these artefacts). The construction of the cathedral was started just in 1882 (its termination is planned for 2040!), and Mr. Gaudi himself dedicated the construction 40 years of his life, whereas he spent in the church last years of his life. The entrails of the cathedral are surrounded with scaffoldongs and the works still continue. And, to tell the truth, the construction exterior was dazzled more for us as the interior. Anyway, Cathedral Museum, situated below, would be rather interesting for you.


Here, you can study there various suggestions and plastic arts, and if you set out in the opposite direction, into one of several towers, the lift could take you upstairs, to nice outlook of the town (the ticket costs EUR 2,50). Anyway, we had to leave the Cathedral, and continue our walking in town´s investigation, marching ahead up to the hill, passing various remote streets and main boulevards, let to be fascinated with pulsating Barcelona life.

It was nearly sunset when we reached Guell Park. Here, you can find many buildings, coming from Gaudi architectonical projects. A music festival was taken place there. The artists played different musical instruments for spectators, just for fun. Inside the park, also Gaudi Villa is to be found. From here, you can see main Barcelona boulevards, passing towards the banks of Mediterranean.


We descended the hills downstairs, deciding to buy some neswpapers, in order to be informed about novelities, what´s on in the world. Weekend issue of The Daily Telegraph (EUR 3,80) would be the right source of actual information, for sure. In underground station Passeig de Gracia, we waited again for our air-conditioned train, and travelling silent and exhausted, we reached our Formula 1 Hotel after nine o´clock p.m. Moreover, no forces remainded us for evening siesta in coffee-house!

Text: Maxim Kucer & Jakub Štantejský

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Maxim Kucer & Jakub Štantejský


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