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From Prague To Atlantic Coasts X.

Published: 22.1.2011
A visit of Alhambra, proud of Granada and the whole Spain at the same time.

9th day (Tuesday) – Alhambra

Although the night was rather sultry, we slept, thanks to great tiredness, quite well. So, we got up early, at seven o´clock a.m., in order to be in time in front of the entrance to Alhambra, as recommended by hostel manager. According to her information, a long queue could be formed there before time period when the complex would be open for public, i.e. at half past eight. So, we came there 20 minutes before opening, and saw, that at least twenty persons were waiting there. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that two tickets-windows were open, the crowd advanced quickly, and our fears from long waiting were slowed down. So, we obtained our tickets within couple of minutes, one cost EUR 12. Despite the fact that the price was rather expensive as usually, we could say that it did not matter as, what we saw, was really worth to be seen.

We inspected the whole complex within two and half hours, and were really very enthusiastic. From decorated Palacio Nazaries, Arabian Palace (one of most beautiful Arabian construction in Europe, with stucco wall decorations, marvellous paving-stones as well as vaults, worked out in detail), across a garden of Generalife Palace („the architect´s garden“ - i.e. green oasis, in contrast to surrounding peaks of Sierra Nevada Mountains) up to Alcazaba Citadel. To tell the truth, everything was thought over and worked out into smallest detail - the gardens, architecture, irrigation system, made in artistic way, the interiors, buildings´ decorations (ornaments, etc.). However, the only thing, which could influence your visit of Alhambra, these were endless hords of tourists, which could prevent you from taking photo of some monument. The official statistics inform that Alhambra is visited by at least 6000 persons daily. On the other hand, if you enter this complex earlier (similarly, as we did), this problem could be avoided. After sightseeing, we went to take the lunch, and again, as the noon is approaching, the heat started to culminate. We felt the intensive rays of the sun, even through strong sun-cream layer, we put on our skins. So, our walks were adapted according to the shadow, prevailed in the streets. So, we went through non-tourist pasrts of the town, where straight streets could be passed, bordered with several storey buildings, including various shops in ground-floor. We bought in one shop, except refreshment (according to our actual hunger stage) some foodstuffs for tomorrow, as we have the intention to climb into Sierra Nevada Mountain area, with dominating peaks of Mulhacen (3480 m) and Veleta (3393 m). In hostel-room, we prepared tried champions´ dinner, such as: tortilla pancake with sausages, cheese and excellent tomato-olive sause. And afterthat, cold shower was a must! In the evening, we went out into busy city centre to find some coffee, where it could be suitable to form our planes for tomorrow´s trek in the mountains. All coffees and restaurants are fully of tourists, local inhabitants form a minority there.

So, we entered one restaurant. The interior looked,with its decoration, as travellers´ refuge. The walls were full of maps from all over the world, and total character was added with pictures of countryside and postcards. So, we tried Alhambra, local beer. Small glass was served in 0,2 l, great one in 0,4 l. And we knew immediately that the beer was not local main drink. We noticed that the Spaniards did not prefer alcohol drinks too much, they liked various mixed soft drinks or drinking coffee. The beer is consumed mostly by foreigners.


Next chapter: Costa del Sol

Text/photo: Maxim Kucer & Jakub Štantejský

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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