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From Roudnice to Budyně

Published: 28.10.2007
The plain is seemingly not interesting. What can we see interesting in Polabí (Elbe Plain)? We find here the ways interesting not only by surrounding nature, but also by the histotry passed this area. The countryside near the town of Roudnice belongs to those most oldest from the historical point of view.

Why, not far from here, the Forfather Čech mounted the hill of Říp and  told several worlds which entered to history. Not only Říp Hill belongs to this part of Polabí.

Sandstones region (from Štětí to Kokořín) is not far from here, the similar distance it is to České Středohoří.

You can walk the most directed way – from Roudnice nad Labem, short track along the brook Čepel, via Dušníky and via fields and forest to Písty. From here along the river across Pístecký Forest up to Budyně nad Ohří. The last section along the river Ohře is very nice walk in spring as in other seasons period. The final section you follow mill-race named Malá Ohře, reaching us to the fortification Budyně. You can comfortably finish the whole trip in the course of 3 hours.

For your cycle trip we can choose more longer and more interesting  routes.  From Roudnice we are going via Podlusky along the creek Čepel, as mentioned above. We van changable cross along both banks, but more „passable“ is those of left bank . We reach shortly Doksany nad Ohří, here mouths the creek Čepel to the river Ohře. It mouths to the mill-race of Doksany-weir: The local places of interest there are two mill-races , each on one  river-bank, more known is those left one, so-called Brozanský  ( used by watermen in past) this turns from Ohře –river  in one weir earlier.

In Doksany you find one of oldest monasteries in our country. It was originally women Premonstratensian Monastery , founded in 12th century.  Now it is partially renovated , anyway, we recommend you to visit it. However, neither the monastery nor  the river do not interest us for the time being , so we turn against the flow of the river along the right bank up to the Hostěnice weir , where there is good bathing in summer (provided it is not flood, of course), we find here the  stand with refreshment.

It  has been  built  the fish-permeability on this place – in order to  make easier the entrance of middle and upper flows of the rivers. You can see it immediately along the right bank. At the left bank the  Brozanský mill-race is turning. We also turn from the river to the community of Písty and enter to Pístecký Forest. Scarced  leafy wood is nice especially in the spring , it is full of  little flowers. After a while of pleasant drive on a plain we reach the „brook“ –it is the other  from the artificial flows on mill-races of river Ohře. Its name is Malá Ohře (Small Ohře). You can  tide down, but many obstacles have to be overcome. You can  ride along Malá Ohře up to the town of Libochovice.

Anyway, from Malá Ohře you see the first buildings of the town of Budyně nad Ohří, the community founded around the old water-castle. Budyně is meant in the same period as Doksany-Monastery , in the 12th century, the fortification  got its form  in the 14th century.  Now, the town has been declared as a protected  monument reservation  area, similarly as Kutná Hora or Kroměříž. You find in the area of fortification  the Museum of Sculpturs (lapidarium). The only view is inspired for the visitor. In summer the building is open for public.

If you wish to return back on cycle to Roudnice, and do not want to go the same way, you can choose between several possibilities. You can go along long communications via Přestavlky (the shortest way) or along the other bank of Ohře river, where in direction to Žabovřesky nad Ohří you see interesting two-arched bridge. From the bridge along the left bank back to Doksany, or by longer way, via Hrobce or again along Čepel brook back to Roudnice nad Labem.

The best view to the town you find from the right Elbe-bank from former permeability, today it is slalom-drain. From this point you can see the whole town and also the castle. Very old-stone castle was originally established on this place, being one of the oldest in Bohemia at all. The Castle of Roudnice with well-known wine cellars is not only a monument. There are taken place various social actions. We can finish our action  by drinking good wine in castle cellars.


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